Thursday, January 1, 2009

Family Fun, Roofing, and Wii

We woke up to a great new year. We started our day out right with a healthy breakfast, then on to the gym for a hard workout, Kyle really challenged me. Then we were back home for much needed time to finish a home improvement project. We finally got the shed repaired from the tornado and got the metal roof on. today. It has been to cold to do it. Both my boys help and we had a blast joking around and playing and Gerry & I even boxed each other once then I gave up and he laughed at me. Have you seen how big he is ??? Next we were off for some relax time then I started dinner. Gerry requested spaghetti so I had to make by boy some. Now we are in a smack down with the wii. It is the best thing we have bought this family in a while. We play it as a family everyday since we go it, I love it. I hope everyone had a great start to your new year 2009 we sure did.