Monday, June 27, 2011

So proud and muddy

Yesterday we head to a church social and we see a HUGE grass-fire.....heard it was bad and thought it was near our church but luckily it wasn't.

To make a long story short......I am very proud of my oldest son. Now out on his own he has gotten involved with the community and helping the fire dept out. You can guess he was on this fire I mentioned at the top of the post....yes..... anyhoo.. When he goes on the fires he has to leave his child at home alone. Yes his 4 legged child that goes EVERYWHERE with him including work.

Well Rosco( AKA- Child) gets mad because he is left and doesn't understand it is for his own sake.....and likes to get even and chew things up.

So the son asked us to check on the dog on the way home. I knew what I would find , and he would want to go with me. Yes I have spoiled him a little........ So he came to my house needless to say he had a bath, then outside all day and in the water and dirt...which he LOVES......equals one muddy caked on dog again.

So 2 baths in 24hrs and he is headed home first thing in the morning. You should see me and the hubby trying to have room to lay in the bed with a DOG that is the size of me! But I love him anyway.

muddy feet it was worse, all over my house

Post update: the delivery of this beast has now been postponed to tomorrow evening. Oh dear!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

just a little date

The hubby and I are finding more and more time together since the oldest moved out and the youngest working alot. It's a new chapter in our little book we call life.I didn't like the book at first but it's growing on me. We are just doing things spur of the moment these days which I LOVE!!!!!!. We've been bike riding a few times and I survived. It's nice not to have a schedule you might say, you just do it.

Last night I knew Kyle was wanting to run to the farm this weekend to check the game camera. He has asked me several times do we have any plans? I wanna go to the farm sometime. So last night I said why can't we go right now? His eyes lit up. Nothing like seeing that look in my mans eyes. As we went , did the job, and came back this was what we saw at the water tank. October will be here soon enough, but I love seeing the wildlife as much as he does now! Just a little date that meant a lot to us.

I did get out and try to sneak up for a better picture, I knew Kyle was watching me. He must have thought I looked like Elmer Fudd creeping up the hill to grab a better shot. (with the camera, not a gun)

We laughed and had fun. That's all that counts.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Answer to prayer

Almost 18 years ago I said a simple prayer that would change my life. I was not in a good place and I ask God to pick the man and send the man I needed to spend the rest of my life with.......I did, if you can believe, let God have this request and let it go from there.

A few months later the romance started. I knew he was the one. You know when you have that gut feeling of peace. 5 count them 5 short months later, I married the man I let God choose for me. That is why I know he is still here 17 yrs later.

Kyle, I love you with all my heart and nothing comes before you except my heavenly father that placed you with me.

Yesterday we celebrated what a wonderful father Kyle is to our boys.

Today I celebrate and thank God for June 20th, 1969 when Kyle was born just waiting for me.

 I love you baby !!!!! Happy Birthday.