Friday, February 27, 2009


Kyle and I are in the middle of doing the 40 day LOVE DARE Challenge. (from the Fire Proof Movie) It is awesome. Everyone should do it. If you are like me and happy in your marriage and can't imagine it being better, it can. I dare you to try it. I am going to give my book away when we are done, so be looking for the book giveaway post. I will leave you with a few words from a song I am listening too. It is so good.

Love isn't love til you give it away!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

It's a New Day

Well I started something new today. I needed a gym routine change. After 6 months of doing the same ole same ole you can imagine I was a little bored. I love going to the gym with my bud Jaks,it makes the time go by faster, and keeps me motivated. I had a training session with F3 owner Stephanie and WOW......I got my new workout. It is awesome and I can't wait to start. I am going to start it today. I have to say Steph you are the WOMAN....If any of you are in a rut, unmotivated, deprived of energy please spend a few $$$$$ on yourself and get a training session. It is worth every cent. I took Matt my son to school this morning, I normally do that in my PJ's, but this morning is when I had my session, so he asked"why are you dressed?", I said, "because I have a personal trainer" He laughed and said OMG mom. He's in track now and is all about the training, he turns 14 in May and wants a gym membership. I think that's great. I hope I have inspired someone today I sure try too. Thanks for reading. Happy Thursday.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


After eating ALL weekend and not holding back I still lost another pound. Hey has anyone checked out my weight ticker to the right. LOOK AT THAT!!!!! I am almost there.


The city sometimes can be scary.Lots of road rage. Why do people have to be in such a hurry, they could hurt others getting where they need to be,and if your late then you should have left earlier. Sometimes God slows us down, puts in road blocks so just maybe we aren't in the accident ahead. People are just crazy, and is it me or are businesses hiring younger & younger employees? We went to eat in WF., now my son Matt who is 13 is not tall but he isn't 3 either. The hostest sat us at our table and handed him a color sheet and crayons. He just shook his head, like do I look that small? Poor thing. It just really makes me appreciate our little town. We all know each other and speak to one another, I love living here. On another note,I love going to church with my hubby, he works most every weekend and this weekend he was off. It is so nice to have him to hold my hand during prayers and to look at anytime I felt the need. We started the Love Dare book from the movie Fire Proof. If you want to boost your marriage and make it 1000 times better I dare you to do the 40 day Love Dare challange. It is so good, you won't be sorry. Until another day,

Live Simply. Love Generously. Care deeply. Speak Kindly. Leave the rest to God.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Weekend Fun

We had a blast this weekend with a trip to Wichita Falls on Saturday and a trip to Altus, OK on Sunday.I will say, I am VERY PROUD to live in a small town. I love day trip and shopping but holy cow the people are everywhere.I felt like a sardine in a can most of the time. I was so glad to get home. We met the Woods family Saturday evening for a little shopping and a great steak at the Texas Roadhouse. It was so good. Sunday after church Jaks had us over for lunch.(it was so good Jackie thank you) then we all went to Altus for more fun and bowling. Here are a few pics from the trip.

Kyle & Me

A quick pic before Autumn saw her mommy. We pose so well.

Jackie had no idea my son Gerry was behind her. This was funny, we retook the picture of her & the girls I just had to post this one. Gerry doesn't just hop into pictures as you will see below.

Gerry's smile he always uses for my sweet pictures

Matt got in some pool time.
You won't believe the smack talk I heard him using??????

He played Levi, Jackie's hubby and you can see how small Montana's head is. Weird.
Thanks Jaks for sharing the camera with me, and for a great weekend. We had a blast.See everyone at the gym.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Ladies Retreat

I am inviting everyone I know. So if you would like to attend just shot me an email.

"Come as You Are.......Leave Refreshed!"

You are invited to come to the annual North Groesbeck Ladies' Retreat at Quartz Mountain State Park and Resort near Altus, OK on March 27th and 28th, 2009. It will be a great time of renewal and refreshment as we share fun, food and faith. We have the group meeting facility reserved. We will have it all to ourselves which means that you should come comfortable and stay comfortable.
The focus of our time together will be on making eternal friends, and spending time with God apart from the distractions of everyday life.

The cost of the retreat is $50.00 per person. Includes all meals and accommodations, and is payable at registration at the retreat. T-Shirts are also available for $10.00 each and those must be ordered by the 16th of March. The last day to register will be March 20th. Send your name ,address, and email to the address below.

Thoughtless Friday

Ok people I got nothing today, except I am going to do a presentation for the pre-k parents at noon. Wish me look. I hate speaking but God always gives me enough guts to do it. Have a great weekend. I am sure I can find something to post about in the next few day....I know I'll post about how many lunches I can have with differenyt people...HAHA...

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Busy Wednesday

All I had was words on Wednesday, couldn't do it wordless and I have no pictures. I started my day off by going to Quanah High School to do 2 classes for the next 4 weeks . We are going through the Wait Training(Worth the Wait) One class full of boys one full of girls. WOW what a morning. I drove home and got here just in time to have a long lunch with 2 of my best girls Amy H. & Kenni H. SO glad she is back, I have missed hanging out with Kenni. From there on to do some errands . Home for a few minutes, I know the doggies were glad to be let outside, then off to F3 for aerobics. That was a killer. 1 hour of sweating, but I did it. I left there at 5:30 all stinky and had to leave for church at 6pm WOW had to hurry. As I sat in class I started to fade as in a slow death. The day had caught up with me and it was over. This is a slow day for me these days. Today I am off to our Memphis Office................wonder what will await me there?

My friend Jaks is observing at the elementary today and is scared to death because she doesn't know anyone over there and that school can be scary. So I want to wish her a happy & fun day with the little tike's and I hope she loves this new career she has chosen. Happy Thursday.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Hello readers.....

I just wanted to say hello to all those who have been reading my blog, but not letting me know it. I have a few locals who don't comment but ready all the time . I really wanted to say hello to all my out of town readers, I mean way out of town, like the UK, Canada, Brazil, India and Hong Kong and alot of you on the east and west coast. I have noticed you on my cluster map so drop me a few words, love to hear from you. I read many blogs myself of people I have never met and it has been so fun to reach out . Have a great HUMP day.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


This is just one excuse I use for not getting the laundry done or put away.
What's yours ?

Monday, February 16, 2009

Date Night Part 2

More date night pics, it was dark and Jaks snapped this picture before I was ready and the flash about knocked me down, so excuse the squinting.Zoom in ,do you like my new earrings? They are huge. My stylist Jaks picked them out for me as she does all my clothes here lately.

We met these guys and had dinner . They were so sweet it felt like we had known them our whole lives.They about died when they found out how old Kyle & I were. That was so funny. Guess we look young for our age YEAH! Thanks

Ty & Lacy
Our new friends
PS. I weighed in at F3 this morning for another 3lb loss.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Marriage & Fire

If you have not seen Fire Proof the movie you have got to stop reading this and go to the store and buy it now. Kyle & I just had another date night and watched in on the couch together. It is life changing, girls get a tissue I cried through the whole thing. Kyle and I also started the Love Dare book that goes along with the movie a few days ago and WOW it is so good to see how God can use a movie and a book as tools to help anyone no matter how good their marriage may or may not be. I thought ours was pretty good but now we both see how we can still enrich our commitment to one another. God can use anything or anyone to draw you closer to HIM.I have the movie for anyone to borrow. Have a blessed Monday.

Date Night

Date night was a BLAST. We went to Crowell and at at the Steakhouse. It was packed so thanks you Jaks(my new nickname for Jackie) for making the reservations. We meet another couple there and true to my last post we made 2 more new friends Ty & Lacy.(sorry if I spelled it wrong)They were a hoot and we laughed all night long. I can say Kyle and I never had been more comfortable with people we just meet in our lives. I will get some more pics from Jaks when she blogs. Another plus out of the date was I got kyle OUT of wranglers and into some Cinch jeans after 15 yrs. YEAH. He looked so good. This pic Matthew said something and we both look at him funny when he snapped the picture. I hope everyone enjoyed their Valentines Day. Mondays a coming.YUCK!!!!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Best day ever

I started my day off by not having to get out of my PJ's til 10:15, because it was my day off. I also started a new thing this year,& that was to make new friends. I did that today too.I asked a sweet person I don't know very well but wanted to get to know, (except from her blog) to lunch, it was a fun lunch. Thanks Charla for having lunch with me, even though I accidentally got the wrong sandwich(I didn't realize til the lady asked me half way through eating it) It was good anyway.

I then stopped off to see a friend (Jackie) at Owens. I intended on only buying a dog feeder.I then realized I don't have any jeans I can wear and I have a Valentines date with my hubby and some other friends & I have to look good right. I have dropped 2 jean sizes since November HOLY COW....

I finished my day with baking homemade sugar cookies in which I did eat a few but didn't feel guilty because I went to the gym after. How was your Friday?I am sure I will be posting some date pictures soon. Have a great Weekend!

Thursday, February 12, 2009


All I have to say is I have 5 more pounds to reach my goal weight. SSSSHHH I'm not telling that part yet .....................

PS. I almost forgot, Happy Valentines Day

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I'm melting

Going to the gym and working out is no new news to anyone who knows me or reads this blog.I will say I have had great success over the last 6 months. Remember I just said 6 months nothing happens over night. I have worked really hard and still can't believe I have stuck to a exercise routine for 6 months now. Just about the time I think I am sweating for nothing it body some how shrinks. I don't seem to see it as much on the scale as I do in my clothing. I mean I just can't keep them on. They seemed to have gotten bigger or something. My point is to anyone who is out there and thinks nothing is happening with their bodies and the weight isn't coming off, you could be loosing inches. Let your clothes be a check point for you as well. I have been eyeing the last few days the LITTLE dress in the window at Owens Supply, today I went in and bought it right off the manikin's back. Well it was the size I needed and yes I got to go down a size YEAH for me.Thanks Jackie for helping me with that, you are my fashion coordinator. Measure you body and then 6 weeks later do it again. If I can do it ANYONE can I promise. Thanks for reading my ramblings today.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

35 Thoughts

In honor of my 35th post, I decided to say 35 nice things.I mean ever word.

1. I love the Lord
2. I love my hubby
3. I love my boys
4. I have some of the greatest friends in the world
5. It is easier to be nice, than mean
6.You can change a negative person with a positive thought. (I have tested this and it works)
7.I have a great job
8. I am very blessed
9.I love that I have been reunited with a childhood friend a few years ago(you know who you are, I can't do Mondays without you)
10.I can say I get along great with my mother in law
11. I have a very giving sister(who I don't get to see enough)
12.My boys always make me smile
13. This is a very random list
14.I love Thursdays( I am off on Friday's)
15. I get to make a real impact on teens
16.I am blessed to listen to young women in crisis and know how to help
17.When God calls I try to stop and listen
18.I never thought I would be talking to schools and kids about SEX, and why they should wait
19.I hope my boys will always say the crazy things that cause me to stop and say WHAT
20.My hubby still makes my tummy flutter(like when we dated)
21. We both love to workout(we push each other to be healthy)
22.I have the honor of attending a great church
23. I have a great church family( I could call any of them for help and they would come running)
24.I love having this time to reflect on such great moments
25.My job has giving me some amazing opportunities
26.Everyday is a learning stepping stone
27. Everyday is a gift from God
28.I strive to not waste a day without telling my family I love them
29. Every baby is a miracle no matter who their parents are
30. God doesn't make mistakes
31.All of my friends are special to me
32.Keep your priority straight, God,family friends, self
33.God never bring you to something ,He won't bring you through
34. Love your family like theres no tomorrow
35. To ALL my friends in blog land and NOT I love you all, I am blessed to have you. I saved this one till last in case you skipped to the bottom. Have a GREAT Monday,and remember you have nothing to complain about.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

24 hours

Is 24 hours all we have in a day? I could use a few more myself. I spent all day in the clinic and hospital with my grandma. She is some better and thanks for the prayers. She has a bad infection and they seem to think that is all that is wrong. Thank the Lord. She will be staying in the hospital until she is better and strong enough to come home. My hats off to all people who take care of the elderly. They are way under paid in my opinion. The staff at the hospital are so sweet to Ma even though she isn't to them sometimes. She's a little cranky. All seems to be well around the rest of my house, the kids and hubby seem to know how to feed themselves when mom can't be home. I did manage to get the laundry done in between trips to the hosp. Wednesday is laundry day. I have got to get back into the gym today. I miss a day and my body knows it. I hope every one has a great day looks like the weather is going to be warm . YEAH!

A sweet thank you to Jackie. She called and asked if she could do anything for me yesterday as I sat in the hosp.I truly appreciated that. So nice when friends go out of their way to help. Love ya Jackie.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Pray ,Pray, Pray

My grandmother was just admitted to the hospital here. She is doing better but last night didn't know where she was. The great news is she lives right next door to me.It is so scary when they get old, and it falls on my shoulders to tend to her. I don't mind to do that but pray for me and her for strength. She is so frail she weighed 96lbs today. She's a diabetic and in horrible health. I will hate the day she leaves us. So please pray for her health. Thanks guys.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

I'm Done

I am done being a baby. I just had to sit in it for a few days. Why do we get in such a funk sometimes. God has created and given us this great world to do so much in and we sit and complain. Well I read Gingers post today and I agree with her about those who complain about time, or the lack there of. If you want something bad enough you'll make time. Although my gripping usually isn't time, it's mostly a pity party for one.I am going to strive on not having any more of those kinds of parties. I think we should as local blogger's need to get together and have a blog party. Maybe get to know people in our own town. I will admit I comment and feel like I know some of you but really don't. I hope you all have a wonderful and blessed & terrific Tuesday.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Being A Big Baby

I have just had a bad day today,not sure why. You ever just feel like your in a bad mood but you don't know why? It started after I got to church, it seemed everything rubbed me the wrong way. Clarify- I let everything rub me the wrong way. As I sat in my pew and doodled words in my notebook it happened. GOD took over my pen. Honestly I let God write in my notebook , instead of writing I found myself reading,and there it was. Shame. Shameful I was even acting the way I was.
Stop being selfish with a bad attitude, you(Belinda) choose how you act.
WOW. My very next thought was the words to a song. "Humble yourself in the sight of the Lord". Does anyone else have what I call GOD moments. Happens to me quite often and most of the time it is disciplining me. Not very comfortable. No one like being corrected, and not by the All Mighty. Now some of you may think I am out there and I just may be but I am good with it. I love God moments. I need to rely on God more than myself.
Not much else happening around here this weekend. Kyle shamed me into going to the gym which I needed. Sunday is I want a nap day.....never happens. I feel sure I have had no weight lose. Those last few pounds just will not come off.I am afraid if they do come off how fast will they jump back on? Honestly I am down to almost no food. Not really but my tummy thinks so. I can never eat like I want to ever again, or I will be back where I was on all this work was for nothing. I guess I am the one who needs inspired this week girls.I guess I am just being a big baby. So let the comments fly.