Tuesday, February 17, 2009


This is just one excuse I use for not getting the laundry done or put away.
What's yours ?


hayley said...

thats too cute!!

Liska said...

I signed on with intention of saying "so cute" but Hayley's beat me to it :-)
Great photo. Nice light entertainment and a welcome distraction from the weight loss speak. I haven't got on track this week but will do, will do. Thank you so so so much for your comment on my recent post. Meant the world to me. Thank you. Enjoy the rest of the week, and I will meet you again in blog world cyberspace soon. Your blog is a great read. I will when I get chance, get that DVD you recommended.
Liska x

Liska said...

Oooooh I just looked at your red dots on your "visitor locations". Have you noticed? I am no longer your only reader outside of the States. Looks like you have 4 now. How very exciting. I hope they've touched base with you to say hello :-)

Anonymous said...