Thursday, February 19, 2009

Busy Wednesday

All I had was words on Wednesday, couldn't do it wordless and I have no pictures. I started my day off by going to Quanah High School to do 2 classes for the next 4 weeks . We are going through the Wait Training(Worth the Wait) One class full of boys one full of girls. WOW what a morning. I drove home and got here just in time to have a long lunch with 2 of my best girls Amy H. & Kenni H. SO glad she is back, I have missed hanging out with Kenni. From there on to do some errands . Home for a few minutes, I know the doggies were glad to be let outside, then off to F3 for aerobics. That was a killer. 1 hour of sweating, but I did it. I left there at 5:30 all stinky and had to leave for church at 6pm WOW had to hurry. As I sat in class I started to fade as in a slow death. The day had caught up with me and it was over. This is a slow day for me these days. Today I am off to our Memphis Office................wonder what will await me there?

My friend Jaks is observing at the elementary today and is scared to death because she doesn't know anyone over there and that school can be scary. So I want to wish her a happy & fun day with the little tike's and I hope she loves this new career she has chosen. Happy Thursday.


Amy said...

Just typed a nice long comment and it didn't post right! Man, I hate it when that happens! Anyways, it went something like this...

Boy am I sore today!

Thanks for lunch yesterday!

Let's not wait 6 months next time!

Except it had alot of words in the blanks!!:)

Love ya!

a cowgirl at heart said...

I hate that, too, Amy! Hey, we should ALL do lunch together someday! Would one of you plan that, please? K, thanks a bunch. Just let me know when and where! :)

Jackie said...

The day went good! Thanks for the prayers from you and Amy!! :)

Anonymous said...