Monday, November 30, 2009

Catching up

Our Thanksgiving was GREAT!!!! My family reuniting after 20 years was so nice. Even if we only did it for a few days. I am praying it last forever. God did teach me something though, It's HIS way not mine. I really expected huge things, well I did see a miracle or too, but just as things were getting started God said" Just love them, like my Son did" WOW!!!! "Don't preach to them , just love them". So that's what I did. I know God's light showed through me.

We took some family pictures of the whole gang and then some at the farm of just my herd. Along with a few others. You can see those below. I have NOT been successful at deer hunting yet. I plan to pursue that until I am. It is so peaceful and relaxing. no wonder the men do it .

Ladies I am here to tell you, going deer hunting can be some of the best time spent with your hubby. We are just loving it.

The gang

Me and the cousin at grandma's house, we thought we looked so cute.

Not sure what this guys name is he's not ours. He belongs to the hired hand and he loved moving my tripod around about the time we would pose for our pictures, so after giving him some TLC and a neck massage he went on about his way. I love the farm......can you tell?

The family picture at the farm. Gerry just had to raise that hand, silly boy he loves messing my pictures up.

The boys being goofy

This would be my oldest driving his little brother crazy, because we won't get out of this closet or his room, awww brotherly love.Just had to add it.I'll post the other family get together pictures next post,enjoy.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Going great so far

We had a wonderful evening. My cousin and her little girl are here for Thanksgiving. It is a very joyful time for all of us but my grandparents are super thrilled.They have been waiting for weeks for their long lost grandchildren to come. My cousins parents divorced when she was very young(3) and we haven't seen her since her third birthday. She will be 26 in December. So you can see why I am excited now. She has a little girl who is 3 she brought with her. It was the first airplane ride for both of them.

We had fun visiting and looking at pictures last night at grandmas house. Felt so good to be with family, from my side that is. We don't get together often, so the holidays are special to me. God is moving still waiting for Him to reveal some more. This shall be the BEST Thanksgiving ever.Family pictures to come.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Things I DO NOT take lightly

I was in a meeting, this was years ago. In this meeting we had prayer warriors. Their main job was to pray over the 4 people daily that were doing the ministry of the Lord. This particular prayer warrior said well I know I am supposed to be praying for someone??? He named only 3 his group, and then said I can't remember the other one. It saddened me because as I got back to work I looked on this persons list to see who he should be praying for. Well guess who he FORGOT??? That's right it was me. I felt so sad, I was forgotten by him but not the Lord.

The point to this story is if you tell someone you are praying for them, do it right then, why not??? If I have the chance and someone says pray for me I do right then. Why wait.

I can tell you if you have emailed, Facebooked, or blogged about a prayer request and I have responded it is not before I STOP and pray for your needs.

I think that is a cry out from people that they need help, praying for someone or over someone is an humble and honoring job. Please do so every chance you get. Love you all.

Saturday, November 21, 2009


Whispers, that's how God chooses to talk to me mostly. He is hard to hear when I am not focused on Him every minute of everyday. We all get crazy busy in our lives and sometimes we slow down enough to hear Him, or complain when we need Him RIGHT NOW and we think He isn't there. He is always there watching, listening.

I go to sleep alot listening to my ipod. There is such good worship music out there. I just can't seem to go to sleep with my hands in the air and tears going down my cheeks.I was listening to Kutless, the words of I'm still yours touched me.

If you took away my vanity
if you took away my words
if all my worlds was swept away
would You be enough for me?
Would my bleeding heart still sing?
If I lost it all
would my hand stay lifted
to the God who gives and takes away
if You take it all
this life you've given
still me heart will sing to You.
Even if you take it all away
You will never let go.
I'm still your
Music moves me. About a week ago God spoke to me and said are you ready? I posted about this. He said I am about to move (he is not me)......He revealed to me what that may be last night. I will tell you about it after the holidays. I gotta see just what God has up His sleeve for me. If is what I think it is we will have one great family reunion and we can let anger, and bitterness heal, and maybe a few baptism's. Pray for my family this next week.....................God's about to move and I AM READY. Here I am Lord USE ME.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Please ignore the construction, trying to redo my blog background. I just can't seem to find the one I like yet. Any suggestions?

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Great Book

I just finished this book.
It is LIFE changing.
I highly suggest you grab it and take it for a read.
It is at our local Wal-Mart.
That's all I am going to say the rest is up to you to read.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Have you heard it, and are you ready?

I was sitting in a deer blind last night. The strangest thing happened. We are kinda down in a draw so the wind isn't to bad, but you can hear the wind coming across the pasture before it gets to you. It is a sound I will never forget. It is a powerful work of God. Made me really stop and reflect on all the things the Lord has done for me.

I sometimes limit God. I sometimes think my problem is to small for God. Not so, I am finding out. Nothing to big ,nothing too small. God has really blessed me this week.

You know when you plant seeds and you wonder if they ever grow because you never see that person again. Or you think hummm did the words I used make an impact? I believe God only lets us see those seeds grow only a few times, and far in between. I think He does this because if we got to see all of the growth of the seeds we help HIM plant we would get the BIG HEAD. The credit is all GODS isn't it? Yes it is.

I got to see some growth Thursday, can't talk much about it due to my work, but it was AWESOME and GLORY BE TO GOD. HE did all the work just used my mouth to get it accomplished.

God never said it would be comfortable to walk with Him or do His work. If you are COMFORTABLE in your walk with GOD you better start praying. He told me last night as I was praying........"Are you ready?" Yes Lord I am ready but ready for what? again He said" Are you ready, I am about to move." Gives me chills right now. I am ready but I might be UNCOMFORTABLE in what He asked me to do....... Are you ready?

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Can't believe the time

I just can't believe it has been 14 months since I joined the gym, and 12 months since I lost 30 pounds and have kept it off. I really have no choice. As soon as I lost the weight I had a garage sale and got rid of all my fat clothes. Life is good.

Took my oldest son to the Dr. today, his check up was good.

Kyle got my new flooring down in the bathroom after months of looking at a horrible floor.He was off today and we celebrated Veterans Day with a breakfast and ceremony before I hit the road.So thankful for the men & women who fight for our freedom.God bless them.

I am honored to be spending my time tomorrow in Paducah at a health fair, any opportunity to talk about the Center and all the services we offer is great and time well spent.

Thank for reading , til next time.

Monday, November 9, 2009

My blog buddy Warren asked on a comment yesterday to blog about the Center and the programs we have so here you go Warren.
We had our annual Fundraiser October 24th. and God just blessed the socks off us with $44,000.00 raised.
With this HUGE need of women and families in need of diapers, clothing , formula, and everything else we decided to instead of handing those things out, we would developed a support group. We have and call it "Parenting 101" this class is open to the public free of charge. We meet every Tuesday morning at 10am. We last about an hour and we provide story time for their children.
In this class we discuss that God has a plan for each of us, and He so graciously gave us children to raise under His instructions. The Word of God(BIBLE) is given to each person attending. This class provides a great support system for mothers and families as well as sharing His purpose for them in their lives. For attending class we give each client a voucher to use in our resource room for clothing, diapers, formula and so on. This has in this short period of time been a huge success. Thank you Lord for letting us do your work.
Below you will see pictures of the office, counseling rooms, babies, and the huge resource room that is still not full. As this program grows so will our needs. We ALWAYS except donations, rather it is cash,monthly donation, diapers, or clothing. The need will always be there, and you can help.
God has blessed me with this huge responsibility and I am proud to be apart of the Pregnancy Outreach Center of the Rolling Plains. We serve a 100 mile radius, God is using this Center to minister to His people.

Resource room

Just a few of our many resource pamphlets on

STD's, Abstinence, Adoption and much more.

Our baby models from 10-30 weeks in the womb.

The client meeting room. Hope you enjoyed the small tour and think about helping in the future if you don't already. Have a blessed day.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Here I am

I have been trying to find myself all week to get this post written, and it's still not what I want to sit and tell you but it will just have to do for now.

I went on my first deer hunt tonight for MYSELF....yes I got a hunting license and the camo and the whole nine yards. It was great, sat with my hubby for 4 hrs. just gazing at each other. Saw 3 doe but the buck never came. Still enjoyed my day with the hubs and so did he.

Going to start the Beth Moore study"Esther" next week can't wait. What else??? So much to tell not enough time. If you read about the Center's fundraiser, we raiser $44,000.00 whooohooo.

We started a new program "Parenting 101" classes to help women, men, & families get a great support going and help then earn things like diapers, formula and car seats for attending. So if you can help with any of those things please let me know,this ministry is growing bigger than I had ever dreamed, what was I thinking limiting God like that? He is HUGE.

The boys are good, Gerry is healing great from his burn, goes back to the Dr. on Wednesday.Matt still has a girl friend, love her, and football is over. Bring on the BASEBALL.

Kyle & I are better than ever. We have decided to stop filling our children with some of the worlds junk and we are turning off the satellite aren't happy but the Lord is.

My life is crazy right now still taking a class and reading books like crazy.....I love my life, thank you Lord. Until next post which is soon to come. Thank you for following me. Leave a comment so I know your really still there.

Have a great Monday.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Where have I been?

I promise I am going to get back to blogging this week. I have so much to tell you. So get ready. PS- I was a winner from another blog. I never win anything. Thank you Shelley. We should meet sometime when your up for a visit.

Faithful followers please return soon.