Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas present

Call me strange,but I absolutely love hunting. We got to go Christmas eve and day. The best part is I hunt with my hubby and boys.
We have had a blast this week hunting, hog trapping and hanging out. If you have boys you must find a way to enjoy the things they do. Below is my first official buck, he's small but we all have to start somewhere and well we are all about the meat people not just the horns.

Hope you had a great Christmas, as for us; we are headed back to the farm to hunt. Today I get to take one of my dear friends who has NEVER been hunting. I am so excited. Thank you God for helping some one invent the sleeping bag and hand warmers. AMEN!

Second deer I have gotten with my bow and arrow, no guns for me.
At church I am called the deer slayer.....not sure I like that one?

Friday, December 24, 2010

Happy Birthday Jesus

Merry Christmas to all of you who are so sweet to click and endure my blogging. I didn't get that family letter or picture out this year.But all is well. We are all happy, healthy, and praising God everyday .Grandparents are good, kids are growing and good and I have the BEST marriage on the planet.(love you babe)
 God has been so good to us this year.Remember to tell Jesus Happy Birthday tomorrow and count your many blessings as I will.

Love you all and have a great New Year!

Monday, December 20, 2010

It's official

It's FINALLY official, I can call myself a Texas Bow Hunter. I finally got a doe last night. Then we got HER home and it was a HE. Yes , that's right a young button buck they call them. It's where the antlers never grew. So they look like doe's. I really don't care I GOT A DEER all by myself with a Bow & Arrow.

I have been working at it since October when archery season first opened. I have seen TONS of deer, missed alot of shots, but in the end patience pays off. Below you will see the VERY blurry pictures the hubby took, maybe blurry because he was so excited for me and himself.

Yes he hit the mother load too and brought home the bacon you can say!!!!! A 200 lb. hog. Now you should have seen us trying to load this huge monster.It was quite the show and we both are going to start working out.Pictures below.Enjoy this week and get excited Saturday is Jesus's Birthday!!!!! YEAH!

 So hubby say's on the way home, you know I'm gonna take your picture right....
yes, dear thats why I wore makeup to the blind. LOL

I do so love this man.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Full Heart

You know when you think things are bad, you know the BAD nothing going right BAD. Then a friend or family member calls and your the sounding board, which your glad to be,but you realize in that moment, life isn't that bad.

I try and remember that when life is storming around me,I have forgotten to look up. You see only God keeps you going, worries look around,sorry looks back, and FAITH looks up.If your looking up you never see the storm.

We must believe.Belief creates faith. Faith my friend is powerful. To let go and know your not in control, only God is. Nothing happens without Him knowing it, NOTHING. The grains of sand doesn't move unless He tells them too. He knows every hair on my head, as well as the ones on the floor.

He is so big I can't even wrap my mind around it. I just know when I am stressed it is putting a question mark where God has put a period.(quote from a church speaker on a Sunday many years ago). If we believe He is in control and loves us enough to care for us, why oh why don't we let Him?

This has been a long hard lesson for me to conceive, much less learn. But as each day comes and I know He allowed me to take one more breath I must have a purpose.

 show me your way, you perfect will for me.
I want to walk in obedience,stand faithful in your sight.
Teach me your ways and not my own.
Lead me in your righteousness
and not my sinful flesh.

Thank you Father for creating me to serve you and
to a shining light for you that you may be glorified.
I walk in your strength and not my own, without
you nothing is possible. Thank you for this day, I will
rejoice and be glad in it.

In Jesus name, Amen!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Happy Birthday

It is my oldest son's birthday today
Sweet Gerry is 19
I am just not old enough to have a 19 year old.

 I never get pictures of Gerry , he dodges the camera at all cost.
 Except these few from his senior party
 Doesn't he have a pretty smile
and this one is one of my favorites. He loves Millie,This is Gerry's bosses daughter and she loves him just as much. Where else could you go to work and have a 3 yr. old ride in the tractor with you all day???

Happy Birthday son We love you, and are so proud of you!
Love Mom & Dad

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Sisters & Church

I have the most AMAZING set of sisters, spiritual sisters that is.
I am blessed to be apart of a marvelous church located on
a country road that leads to a cotton field.
North Groesbeck Church was a God send to us almost 7 years ago.

Our children were baptized there,
my husband speaks there(all the men do, we have no set preacher)
My husband leads song service there some
I have lead the youth group a few times.
Where we just finished  a marriage enrichment study
for 12 weeks.........Never done that one before WOW
It's a great church.

What's even better is my church sisters, oh how I can't do without them girls.
I love them all but I have a few close to my heart ones as well
You know the kind that speak the truth in  love,
listen when your down, then lift you up.
Find the scripture when I can't
give advice when I need it
PRAYS for me constantly

It's something sometimes I can't even describe.
Its just a God gift.
And those gifts are really great blessing from above.

I have seen amazing things happen in that little white building in the country.
You truly feel the presence of God and the family that congregastion is to everyone who enters it's doors.
Have a blessed Tuesday!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Tax returns and girlfriends

Well I am so proud, yet so sad at the same time.
My 15 yr old got his FIRST JOB!
My baby will have a tax return this year.....this is a new feeling for me
yes, another 1st in our lives
I am excited because he has been trying for weeks to get a job
so he can earn money on his own for his first car.
He will be LEGAL to drive in May.

As with any first day's around here we take pictures and
of course we blog them for the world to see,
and we blog them for the scrapbook I will make again
in the summer for my family.
Enjoy the quick shots I got of the boy
in uniform as he ran from the camera......

The other first happened last night as well.
The eldest child called and wanting to bring a friend by who was in town
The friend was a girl, I think now is officially the Girlfriend
HE actually brought one home to meet the parents....
Another first for my boys and mom is taking it ok so far
but no more first for a while guys......
She is sweet and they are funny together, we shall see.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Moments I want to capture for my boys to read later

If you think about moments, once we have one it is gone.
 We never get that moment back.
I had a moment yesterday.

Hubby wanted to go hunting, I didn't???? what??? I
 know I love hunting but not in the mood to hunt today.
He was FINE with it, he would love to go by himself.

You see we have been hunting every chance
we get 3-4 times a week since October.
So you see that's alot of days right?
We hunt separately, great reflection and quiet time with God.

My SWEET, ADORABLE,LOVING husband has been going
with me all those times and NEVER seeing any animals......
all the while I saw ALOT and I mean ALOT of deer.

Well to say I had a moment yesterday is an under statement, it was HUGE.
You know all this time the hubs has been taking me hunting, never
getting frustrated,always positive all the while never seeing anything.
Just sitting in the blinds for hours for ME!

I went hunting last night just for HIM. We both sat together in my blind this time.
I took my knitting(whole other post) sat in the corner of my blind so happy
 I could just look at him and know he was all mine,and I got to take him home....
 He's so handsome,such character, such a man......I better stop there on that.

I got to watch from my view 5 deer come in,run in actually....
I motioned and told him ,here they come. He was so excited he was shaking,
they got in view and he shot. Yes one doe down. we thanked God for the
 safe and successful hunt, and we waited. She was still running around and
 we were hoping to track and find her.

We did and I was so proud for him, that excitement for a man is like no other.
It's not a man thing ladies, it's achievement I saw in his eyes, pride,
 and love for me just being there and supporting him.

It was just a moment I chose not to miss.
Admire the man in your life, tell him what you admire about him.
He will love it and eat it up.

 I love you babe!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Poem from the husband

For My Great & Beautiful Wife

My darling,my sweetheart, you are, so divine
I am grateful to our God that He made you mine
You are my best friend, & I love you dearly
Your beauty is on the outside & on the inside clearly

As the arrow of love pierces my heart
I want you to know, I have loved you from the start
The presence of God is in your deep
The bright glow about you darkness won't cheat

The words from your lips are spoken from the Lord
Are like none other many have ever heard
You speak truth in love to all you greet
In christian honor you hold a special seat

Your love & understanding is unconditional to see
I am eternally blessed to have you with me
I want you to know this I pray
You are the best gift God has given me
This November day

by Kyle Eddins 11/10

I found this on the kitchen table one morning, had to post it.
I so love this man!

Monday, December 6, 2010


As you can tell it has been a while since I posted and a lot longer since I changed things up.
Now I am not settled on this background or these pictures, but I am for today.
What do ya think?

PS- I have left Facebook world permanently, so you know how to reach me.