Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Moments I want to capture for my boys to read later

If you think about moments, once we have one it is gone.
 We never get that moment back.
I had a moment yesterday.

Hubby wanted to go hunting, I didn't???? what??? I
 know I love hunting but not in the mood to hunt today.
He was FINE with it, he would love to go by himself.

You see we have been hunting every chance
we get 3-4 times a week since October.
So you see that's alot of days right?
We hunt separately, great reflection and quiet time with God.

My SWEET, ADORABLE,LOVING husband has been going
with me all those times and NEVER seeing any animals......
all the while I saw ALOT and I mean ALOT of deer.

Well to say I had a moment yesterday is an under statement, it was HUGE.
You know all this time the hubs has been taking me hunting, never
getting frustrated,always positive all the while never seeing anything.
Just sitting in the blinds for hours for ME!

I went hunting last night just for HIM. We both sat together in my blind this time.
I took my knitting(whole other post) sat in the corner of my blind so happy
 I could just look at him and know he was all mine,and I got to take him home....
 He's so handsome,such character, such a man......I better stop there on that.

I got to watch from my view 5 deer come in,run in actually....
I motioned and told him ,here they come. He was so excited he was shaking,
they got in view and he shot. Yes one doe down. we thanked God for the
 safe and successful hunt, and we waited. She was still running around and
 we were hoping to track and find her.

We did and I was so proud for him, that excitement for a man is like no other.
It's not a man thing ladies, it's achievement I saw in his eyes, pride,
 and love for me just being there and supporting him.

It was just a moment I chose not to miss.
Admire the man in your life, tell him what you admire about him.
He will love it and eat it up.

 I love you babe!

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