Thursday, September 30, 2010

My Cover Boy

Yes, that is my man on the COVER .
It's the magazine for the company he works for.
It's their quarterly newsletter ( I call it magazine).

Doesn't he look like a cover boy? Yes he does I agree!
So industrial , so rugged,so manly, sooooo.....ok
 gotta keep this blog clean from
 my thoughts here.
Young readers come here.

 Here is a closer view.
I am so proud of him.This is a nation wide publication!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Let me start out by saying about 2 weeks ago, I looked down at my hand to see why something was poking me. I gasp at what I saw................It was my wedding ring with a stone missing and the prong broken.
I was so sad, I think my lip dragging the ground is what made Kyle my loving husband say"it's only a ring not our marriage or my love for you, lets get you a new one". WHAT!!!! I was so attached to the one I had and it was perfectly NOT round and so beat out of shape, and worn so thin it was hanging on til it's last days.

We ordered a new one,( the eternity ring) I got it today. This picture doesn't do it justice.

He opened the box, got down on his knee and said
Will you marry me again?

I love this man of mine.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Hunting is coming!!!!

Yes, I like to hunt, no I love to hunt.
The handsome hubby  bought me a bow this time so no more guns.
I love my bow it's little and well cute!
 Enjoy the pics of our hard work last week setting up both deer blinds.

before the tent was added

and after. Yes, that is me in it, blurry and all!
My view from the blind, that is on the side of a cliff.
 Did I mention I don't like heights very well?
 Do you
see that hunk of a man down there, so glad he is all mine
ok back on track now, I was focused on the
 handsome man there sorry.

View from the feeder.

Oh aren't I pretty, sweaty and all

and this would be kyle's blind, it's on the other side of the farm.
and not on the side of a cliff.

and this pretty girl who heard the corn bags
and started to charge me for a sweet treat.I had to get a stick,
but isn't she pretty , pregnant and all?

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Things in the camera

First of all sorry to all my readers, I have been gone way to long.
I will not let FB take me over anymore.

I also would like to announce to all my sweets friends out there
 I am now a BIG GIRL coffee drinker!
No lattes real coffee, but I still have to put everything known
to man in it to make it taste good, but hey I am doing it.

My Hubby is so proud!

The following are just random shots of me, Kyle, and the farm
working we have done to prepare for deer season,
and a few of the sweet cows that watched us. They like to eat
our corn...UUUUUGGGHHH! (not happy with that)
Enjoy your weekend!

OK this one doesn't match at all and it has been on my camera
forever, but I felt cute that day.....

unloading all the stuff

sweet baby calf

see I work too?!*>
ok I work some and with the camera

what I found on my boot right after that!!!!!
Kyle using my gardening tool to scratch up
some dirt to plant peas for the deer.

I was just tired and sweaty
The BEAST....he is massive. I love to just stop and
watch him.