Friday, July 31, 2009

My new favorite thing

I have this friend, this friend is so special to me, she is a God send. I wrote about her a while back when I was keeping up my Titus Tuesday's. Her name is Mary. Sweet Mary, always thinking of others. Always doing for others.I have always said when I grow up I want to be just like Mary. Looks like I got my prayer answered.

Taking care of my grandmother I realized this. My friend Mary dropped off this sweet gift for me today. It's a memory bag.(handmade by Mary) You can use it for everything.She even put my name on it.
Isn't it pretty. I am going to start by keeping my sweet cards from Mary in it. I love it....big hugs to Mary. Thanks my dear friend.

Real Quick

I had the most awesome opportunity to do my first quest post for Shanda over at Teachable Hearts. She posted it Wednesday. If you haven't read it , it's pretty good even if I wrote it, because God used my fingers and I wrote straight from the heart. A big Thank you to Shanda for asking me and a HUGE thank you to all who commented. I learned so much in those kind words. So go check it out.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Having a Jonah week

I have had one heck of a week..............................................................................that was just me taking a breath. Confession time: Yesterday I said something very ugly and disrespectful to someone dear to me. I felt fully justified in what I said and how I said it at the time. I stormed off and headed to the gym. I started my workout and felt this HUGE heavy sinking feeling in my chest. I felt like God was standing in front of me with hands on His hips. Looking so disappointed in me.

I was in the dog house big time. I almost hit my knees, instead I just shut my eyes with tears flowing and say "Lord I am sorry for what I said please forgive me." I know that He did but He also let me know that I needed to go and apologize..........I hate doing that................That means I have to suck it up and go and say I was wrong. I did. It all worked out but how often do you listen to God? He commands us to do things, to act joyful and respectfully just as He had a job for Jonah. Did Jonah want to go no, but he did begrudgingly, just as I did. I don't want to have another Jonah week. Not fun when God refines us is it?

Friday, July 24, 2009


God is so amazing isn't HE!!!!! I got granny home yesterday from the hospital and she was in rough shape. So frail, so weak. I continue to pray for her. It is so hard to see the women I looked up to the most go down hill in such a time in my life I seem to need her. So I have put my big girl panties on and we are entering a new stage or chapter in our lives where we now will take care of them. Last night she was on her own you could say. I don't stay the nights with her, grandpa is a little help in that area. But I prayed for God to give her a good night, for strength, and a great blood sugar this morning.

Well guess what God came through with all of it..............Why do we doubt so often not the power of God but will He actually do it or am I going to have to find a way myself. God has been refining me this last few weeks on control(how to let Him have it) and that word that starts with a P..........I'm not gonna say it, don't want to be tested.

Father I praise you for being an amazing God and loving a sinner like me. Thank you for healing and for the P word. Love you.

Again thanks for all the prayers, now I have to get busy writing a guest post for teachable heart.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Thank you

Well after a month of fighting with my blog I decided to ask a professional.I called my friend Charla, and she fixed it in 5 whole minutes. I love friends who know what their doing and are willing to help. I owe you one sweet friend. So does everyone like the new header? I am still playing with it.

Granny update: She didn't get to come home tonight BUT.....she does know she that she can no longer drive. I guess her son broke that news to her today at some point because he really owns the car and I said GO GET IT,she has no business on the road. I had been praying about that one and had all my prayer sisters on it too. God is good. She wasn't too upset but .............maybe she will not get that way.

Thank you all for prayers and wanting to help, honestly if you could do anything I would let you. I am looking for some new diabetic recipes to try on my grandparents they both have it and don't eat well. I am hoping to expand their won't be easy. Please let me know if you do.

Wordless Wednesday (although I had a few words when this was taken)

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Where have you been?

It has been sometime since I last posted, and it would take me weeks to catch you up on our little lives, so you get the fast version today.

We started off last week with a great vacation(at home) but that's ok because we got to get some home projects done(pictures to come).

Gerry is still off on the mowing crew so he is gone all week.
Matthew has been to Pine Springs camp in NM last week and at QMCC this week.......sooooo another week without kids. THIS IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!

I may not have the empty nest syndrome like I thought, Kyle and I have done some much together, it was kinds nice to be kid less.(call before you some over LOL)

Grandma is in the hospital with dehydration, low blood pressure, high blood sugar and anemic. She is not a bad patient, but at home she is not very sweet at times. Her memory is failing and we are going to take her car away from her this week as well(PRAY THAT DOESN'T SEND HER AND ME OVER THE EDGE) it is just the right thing to do for her and others on the road.

I have taken over her finances and health business so with boys, hubby and all Ma's things I am very busy not to mention work.

I know summer is almost over but we still need volunteers at the center on Tuesdays and Thursdays if anyone can help. You may want to come by and check out and see just what we do. Well that's the fast version, I am sure I skipped a few things my head is still spinning.

Thank you to all who called to help and prayers. I love each of you for it .

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

too much

Sorry stole the title from Lana;s blog but so fitting for me today. I have too much going on to blog..........I will return soon. Please pray, grandma's health is better but I have now taken over her fiances and they are a MESS..................................God is the I AM............I am not. God is refining me today.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Answer to question #1

The question asked by West Texas Wife was " How did you and Kyle meet?" That is a real good story. I met Kyle in high school but he was a nerd and a guy I would never date. He was a good friend but not my type.(yet)....We went our separate ways, Kyle to the military me into the world of trying to be a grown up. I got married and had Gerry my oldest. The marriage was a flop and the best thing out of it was Gerry.

I filed for divorce and moved back to Childress in with my grandparents, who basically have raised me since the age of 5. The divorce was final and many months went by. My priority was my child, not dating, and when and If I ever dated again it would have to be someone who could love me and my son. I was determined I would not be like all the other families I saw around town who loved having a boyfriend and put their children second.

At the time I wasn't attending church. matter of fact my mother has had me everything but catholic so my faith was a little shaky you could say. I still always had faith that God heard my prayers. I prayed one night for God to send me a man who would love us both and support us and be the man in our lives. Three weeks later, Kyle calls me up out of the blue. We hadn't been talking, he had been back in Childress a short time as well, so I really hadn't seen him around. I agreed to go on a date( a friend date to get a break from single parenting)........

We kissed sparks flew.........kissed is all we did. We started dating , and 7 months later he asked me to marry him. I said yes. That was one a Sunday afternoon , we got married the following Friday, which was FRIDAY THE 13th . That is still our lucky day. We have been blessed to have celebrated 15yrs. & on March 25th of this year we renewed our vows. It is so awesome when God brings you the man of your dreams and you know it is blessed. Gerry's first time to say daddy was to Kyle, and Kyle legally adopted Gerry when he was barely 3.We have a blessed family There's your answer.........