Friday, July 24, 2009


God is so amazing isn't HE!!!!! I got granny home yesterday from the hospital and she was in rough shape. So frail, so weak. I continue to pray for her. It is so hard to see the women I looked up to the most go down hill in such a time in my life I seem to need her. So I have put my big girl panties on and we are entering a new stage or chapter in our lives where we now will take care of them. Last night she was on her own you could say. I don't stay the nights with her, grandpa is a little help in that area. But I prayed for God to give her a good night, for strength, and a great blood sugar this morning.

Well guess what God came through with all of it..............Why do we doubt so often not the power of God but will He actually do it or am I going to have to find a way myself. God has been refining me this last few weeks on control(how to let Him have it) and that word that starts with a P..........I'm not gonna say it, don't want to be tested.

Father I praise you for being an amazing God and loving a sinner like me. Thank you for healing and for the P word. Love you.

Again thanks for all the prayers, now I have to get busy writing a guest post for teachable heart.