Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Thank you

Well after a month of fighting with my blog I decided to ask a professional.I called my friend Charla, and she fixed it in 5 whole minutes. I love friends who know what their doing and are willing to help. I owe you one sweet friend. So does everyone like the new header? I am still playing with it.

Granny update: She didn't get to come home tonight BUT.....she does know she that she can no longer drive. I guess her son broke that news to her today at some point because he really owns the car and I said GO GET IT,she has no business on the road. I had been praying about that one and had all my prayer sisters on it too. God is good. She wasn't too upset but .............maybe she will not get that way.

Thank you all for prayers and wanting to help, honestly if you could do anything I would let you. I am looking for some new diabetic recipes to try on my grandparents they both have it and don't eat well. I am hoping to expand their won't be easy. Please let me know if you do.