Friday, October 29, 2010

Boys - The Teen Chapters

As I went into my youngest son's room tonight
 to put the things he had left in my car away....
This is what I found.
Poor Mr. Pig has the throw ups?
or so it seems.

I went ahead and picked  his mess up so when he gets in LATE from the
out of town football game he won't have to do it
I noticed a $10.00 bill in Mr. Pig.

Why didn't the boy just get it?

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Just a Glimpse

Working at a Crisis Pregnancy Center I see lots of things. Some sweet some not and you wonder.....

What are people thinking these days? Why won't people get involved to help others as Jesus instructs us too.
At the Center we don't just help mothers, save babies, we minister to our clients.

Everyone is called to minister, if your not, then you should be.
We have a place for you.Come Volunteer we train, it's are NEEDED

This photo warmed my heart, so I had to snap the pic as I had my husband race up behind it so I could get it

I read a lot of stickers on cars/ trucks but this one I love!

It's not a choice it's a child, GOD'S child.
Any Questions?

Thursday, October 21, 2010

What a MAN!!!!

My man is on vacation this week, and for the first time in either a while or ever he has been all about me.
I am so soaking it in. I was off work Wednesday and we both decided not to go hunting. We would just take the day and spend it together.

Our day started off a little late because we slept til 9:46 AMEN!!!!! and then I hear these words. "Are you hungry?"  YES!!!!! I do my morning thing and after a bit I hear "Hey babe breakfast is ready". WHAT!

Yes he cooks too. You will see the proof below and yes this house runs on paper plates.I love you babe with all my heart and I loved spending the day with you yesterday.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Boys are F.U.N.

I recently bought this cute tile for my kitchen
 to use for a grocery list reminder.
It was cute and cheap and well dry erase, so easy.

I bought groceries on Sunday .
 A HUGE amount of groceries.
Not once did I tell the boys to write down
 things we were out of on the tile 

This morning I found this.

After I accused the only son that was at home
 that I recognized the handwriting
he said, well I only wrote poop, your other son wrote nuts.

Good thing these are separate items,
 I have no idea which isle in the store to look for poop-nuts on!

We have all had a laugh over this one.
Boys are gross but they sure are fun.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Last weekend

Last weekend we took the RV to the pasture.
 Yes that is Pasture with a capital P and COWS.
Just me and my man!

You know us rednecks never travel without comfort
or recliners.

The cotton way over there belongs to family members.
Love the view from the top of the farm.

Here she is ,home sweet home for the weekend.

My battle scare from a war with a fall and a tree.

Hubby snapped this, he loves me in camo.
We are headed to the deer blind then and NOW!!!!
See ya.

Monday, October 11, 2010

What have I done?

REVISED to post: Not sure what I did but proble fixed. If your confused read below. Thanks Renee for wanting to help.

I ONLY changed the background a few weeks back and ever since  then,I have no friend list on the sidebar to tell me or shop me when all you sweet people make new post.

I have it on the dash board when I sign in. It shows up fine on my work computer.......What have I done.

I love to read your blogs while sipping my coffee...somehow I fell your lost out there and I can't find you. HELP anyone.