Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Boys are F.U.N.

I recently bought this cute tile for my kitchen
 to use for a grocery list reminder.
It was cute and cheap and well dry erase, so easy.

I bought groceries on Sunday .
 A HUGE amount of groceries.
Not once did I tell the boys to write down
 things we were out of on the tile 

This morning I found this.

After I accused the only son that was at home
 that I recognized the handwriting
he said, well I only wrote poop, your other son wrote nuts.

Good thing these are separate items,
 I have no idea which isle in the store to look for poop-nuts on!

We have all had a laugh over this one.
Boys are gross but they sure are fun.

1 comment:

West Texas Wife said...

I know that Matthew had to have written poop! lol