Thursday, September 24, 2009

New Chapter

I have been very busy this week planning for our annual Pregnancy Outreach Center's Fundraiser. All the calls , all the people, all the donations, caterer, venue, guest. Well the list goes on and one. But one day at a time.

On top of this I am doing a abstinence program for one of our area schools every Wednesday, which is my favorite part of the job. On top of that taking a fitness and nutritional course, and's the BIG ONE........My well(new in-laws, Matthew's girlfriends parents) that's what I jokingly call them , maybe she won't kill me for saying so went to shop for our first ever homecoming mums for the kids. It was like picking flowers for a wedding, but sooooooo nice we love the same things. That is why these two can NEVER breakup. I would be devastated.

Tonight is date night. YEAH!!!!!!! but not a traditional date, we are going to the farm and sit in the deer blind and watch and see if anything comes into the feeder.Just alone time with my man. I plan on taking some pictures, of the wild animals and for RH that doesn't mean me and Kyle.

Life is good, busy but good.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Grandma Chapters

I had a fun day with my grandma. (in between my work schedule)We always have fun, even when we have a challange or two we laugh right through it. She doesn't really like for me to make her laugh when she is trying to get up from a chair or into the car because she, well laughs to hard to get up. I took her today to get hair fixed, wow she loved that. Something about little old ladies and a beauty shop this is a must. I didn't get any pictures of her cute hairdo, we were in a hurry, and well I forgot to bring the camera. They would have been so cute. Oh well another day. Have a great Friday, I will it's my day off. YEAH...............(cleaning house)

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

I think my post lately have been a little deceiving for you out of town readers......Sorry. I don't live on a farm. Our family owns a farm and we go out and enjoy it as much as possible. I live in a rural area so I take advantage of my trips to the bigger cities when I can. But I absolutely LOVE the small town living.....Such a great place to raise kids and get to know everyone, well almost. I have lived here almost my whole life and still don't know some folks so I have challenged myself since January to step out of my comfort zone and branch the process I have gotten to know some pretty cool people, and they are not at all like what I thought they would be. You know that saying don't judge a book by its cover? Sad to say I do that alot which means others probable do too.
That means I am not happy with my cover, so I plan on being a little more open minded, and a little bit more kinder, stretch beyond my comfort. Remember Jesus said it would never be easy when choosing to follow Him, so how can I share Him if I am not a little bit more nicer and smiling a little bit more.
I challenge you too to smile more and show the world you are sweet.....

Friday, September 11, 2009


OK I decided to do it. Review books for free...that's right. You can sign up too. To learn more just click on the button to the right .......

PS I learned about it from this blog,Happy as can b, check it out too, she's a hoot.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

You never know when

It was some what of a normal day today.I need to remember that for next time. I got dressed everyone off to school and work, me to work, had a good morning, then it happened. I get a phone call from a relative about a concern for another relative, because you see the two don't get along...(long story) So I listened with concern prayed after I hung up the phone and went on into Wal-Mart.......Got all I needed to grab even a hot deli lunch, so you would think I needed to get on home to eat it RIGHT?????

You never know when the HOLY SPIRIT is going to take over your CAR...that's right. something said you need to go by and check on this I said well I'll drive by they won't even be we go not only did I drive my a side street, but something (GOD) made me turn the block and go to their home.

I stop in say hello and said I just thought I'd stop by and see how your doing.......they were shocked I never come over......Turns out God sent me. My relative needed someone desperately and God used me as His tool today to MINISTER to this relative....I would have never done this on my own........What a blessing this was.......through this tragedy God does make all things good.. I see my family reuniting soon..prayers are working.. Thank you LORD. All the glory be to you.

So you just never know when God is going to ask you to do something,and He NEVER makes those things comfortable. My question to you is are you going to get the guts up to do what He ask of you??? If you do, He will bless you beyond your belief.What a great day this is, I will rejoice and be glad in it.This is the day that the LORD has made.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Day with my boys

The whole family went out Sunday & Monday for some target practice and dove hunting at the farm. I love having fun with the boys.
I took a picture of this a few weeks ago and today Kyle wanted to bring it home. It is off of the old farm house that has fallen down , it is either his dads or grandads initials. Not sure which one put them there. I think we will cut it down and frame it.

My sweet son always messing up my pictures, see his tongue hanging out. He isn't tired from fetching birds. I was the bird dog all day.

Matthew shooting Kyle HUGE gun... It will knock you back.

Kyle decided to shoot with my camera here.....I really was shooting too. Love it.Still a cute picture. I think anyway.

Well he thought it was a dove....poor bird.

ok didn't mean to take hubby out of this one, I was trying to capture the rainbow. It had just showered.You can see it above the telephone polls.

Just waiting til they started coming in(the birds)
We have had the best family weekend...and P.S. I got my hunting licence this year. OMG I am excited.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Book Review updated

I just want to thank all of you who comment on my last post. I also want to clarify something. I am not against church, or going to church because I do go to a church. The book really focuses on Jesus and your journey with Him and how others see HIM through you, and sometimes the church , the organization of a church can get in the way of that. We get to organized of how things should go such as worship time, speaker time and we need to be out by noon for lunch we may miss some important things like why we are there in the first place. These are just my thoughts, but once again I am all about church,but just want to be all about Jesus instead.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Book Review

Well it's my review anyway. I just finished this book. It really caused me to question the church organization...not God....I would love to know your opinion .
I love out of the box books and this certainly is one.I highly recommend this as one of your next reads. If it did anything, it caused me to really dig deep into my BIBLE.(still digging) I love it when that happens. Has anyone else read this book???? Let me know your thoughts on it.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Center Update

If you are not a local you may not know I am the Director of a crisis pregnancy center. It is such a fun job, helping people as Jesus asked us to do. We do many things here at the Center, we are not just for pregnant people. We help anyone in need.

One of the most rewarding part of my job is our abstinence program we are doing in area high schools and Jr. high schools. We cover a 90 mile radius. Please pray for safe travel and fun with the kids. We will be doing this program starting today & going for 4-5 weeks, so really spending some time on it. I love it when schools invite us to come and hangout with the kids and teach them not to make all the crazy adult decisions before they have to.

One other reminder is for you to mark your calendar for October 24th. That is out BIG fundraiser, it will be a blast with good food, good program and of course TONS of auction items to take home, from painting , private guided hunts,to Texas Ranger make plans to come. If anyone wants to help give me a ring......

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

I did it..........

Well it's too late now. I have already done the deed, and paid the fees. That's right I have gone back to school.......WHAT was I thinking. I haven't told anyone except hubby I needed his plastic to pay for it. I am doing some online courses to further my education. This time in things I am interested in not what is set up for me. I signed up Saturday so still waiting on the stuff to get here. I am very excited though.

If you are a regular reader you know my story on weight lose and fitness. It has been a year this month I started at the gym and the change of my life. I lost 25lbs and have maintained that for 3 months now, with regular exercise and lifestyle changes(NOT DIET).

I enrolled in a fitness and nutritional course. I am so interested in how your body works and what to do to keep it healthy. It's 2 semesters so 1 year of my life and I can't wait. When I get done I will be certified to do many things, not that I plan to do that but it is an option. I am really doing this for myself and family. Wish me luck!!!!