Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Center Update

If you are not a local you may not know I am the Director of a crisis pregnancy center. It is such a fun job, helping people as Jesus asked us to do. We do many things here at the Center, we are not just for pregnant people. We help anyone in need.

One of the most rewarding part of my job is our abstinence program we are doing in area high schools and Jr. high schools. We cover a 90 mile radius. Please pray for safe travel and fun with the kids. We will be doing this program starting today & going for 4-5 weeks, so really spending some time on it. I love it when schools invite us to come and hangout with the kids and teach them not to make all the crazy adult decisions before they have to.

One other reminder is for you to mark your calendar for October 24th. That is out BIG fundraiser, it will be a blast with good food, good program and of course TONS of auction items to take home, from painting , private guided hunts,to Texas Ranger make plans to come. If anyone wants to help give me a ring......