Monday, September 7, 2009

Day with my boys

The whole family went out Sunday & Monday for some target practice and dove hunting at the farm. I love having fun with the boys.
I took a picture of this a few weeks ago and today Kyle wanted to bring it home. It is off of the old farm house that has fallen down , it is either his dads or grandads initials. Not sure which one put them there. I think we will cut it down and frame it.

My sweet son always messing up my pictures, see his tongue hanging out. He isn't tired from fetching birds. I was the bird dog all day.

Matthew shooting Kyle HUGE gun... It will knock you back.

Kyle decided to shoot with my camera here.....I really was shooting too. Love it.Still a cute picture. I think anyway.

Well he thought it was a dove....poor bird.

ok didn't mean to take hubby out of this one, I was trying to capture the rainbow. It had just showered.You can see it above the telephone polls.

Just waiting til they started coming in(the birds)
We have had the best family weekend...and P.S. I got my hunting licence this year. OMG I am excited.