Saturday, September 12, 2009

More pic from the farm

More farm pics, enjoy


Daveda said...

Your pictures always make farm life look so fun!

Warren Baldwin said...

Linked here from Daveda's site. Liked your suggestion for her new blog title.

I'm a hunter and former farmer, so liked these pics, too.

I have the Family Fountain blog. I'd like to invite you by for a look. wb

Liska said...

Ooooh being from London, all the guns are scary.....
Thanks for stopping by sweetie. In answer to your question "where have I been" I have been around and on my computer but busy on a different *secret* *sad* blog. Clue: my profile links to it. But that's been my focus.

But I promise I'll now keep Liska Life up-to-date. Hope you are very well. I am gonna have a read and catch up with the Eddins happenings :-)

Liska xxx

Anonymous said...