Monday, March 30, 2009

Catching my breath

I went to our annual ladies retreat with my church. Even with all the wind, ice and doubts we made it. God always knows who needs to be there. It worked out that 18 wonderful women came and we had a blast. We shared, worshiped, ate great food, prayed , had wonderful peace. I encourage anyone to take a ladies retreat you just will not leave the same as you came. God always takes us to the mountains to fill our spirit, then down to the lush valley below to learn and to grow. Jesus said laid down your life pick up the cross and go with me. He never said it would be easy did He. NO........As I got home I was so hubby jump out of the house ,ran to the car, opened the door for a kiss. He was so sweet, he had done the laundry, made the bed, washed the dishes, waited on me hand and foot........I am a blessed woman. God has made this man into a wonderful husband, father and spiritual leader for our family. I am so blessed. Our weekend ended with a sick child with fever, cough and lots of boogers. He is better thank goodness. I left my camera at home so no retreat pics. sorry. Oh did I mention hubby let me take a 3 hr nap on Sunday. Babe your the best..I Love You..........Rejoice in this day, because the Lord made it.

Please keep in your prayers the employees of Georgia Pacific the plant my husband works for. They had another 16 people loose their jobs Friday and I think a few more is coming. God will provide I know, Kyle is grateful to still have a job right now......please pray.

Friday, March 27, 2009

The rest of the story

The last of the pictures I promise. I had several people taking all kinds of snapshots. I loved it.
Really cool poem sorry you can see it good to read it. It is borrowed from friend.

My flower girl if I would of had one. I love me some Montana....

Not sure why this on is sideways???

My oldest son Gerry, How did you get him to smile Jackie????

OK folks that's it til I come home with my ladies retreat pictures.......Have a great weekend.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Post 2 of the Day

Here they are the rest of my pics from the ceremony........Enjoy

PS: if you haven't seen the movie Fire Proof you won't understand the salt & pepper picture, and I'm not telling either ????

Ceremony Picture

Kyle & I as most of you already know renewed our vows last night at church.
(15 years of marital bliss) It was so special. Thank you ladies at North Groesbeck Church for making it so sweet and personal for us. Here is just one of the many pictures we took, but I think the cutest.......I'll post more later.....Happy Thursday

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Today is the day....

Today is the day I will renew my vows with my hubby and my covenant with the Lord. We are both so excited, actually I am a little nervous. Kyle said why , we are already married.I feel like that young girl who found her knight in shining armour and finally all her dreams are coming true. We have had 15 years of wonderful marriage, not all perfect but all good, we have had ups and downs highs and lows, but tonight it will be as God intended, to become one (again). I love this. If you have not watch the Fire Proof Movie you need to. If you have not read the 40 Love Dare Book you need too. It will change any marriage. We have noticed that it even effects our other relationships for the better. One important note about the book, if your not going to dive all in and commit to it, don't even start. You have to put your whole heart into it. Be as happy as I am today and celebrate with us. Have a great Wednesday, I know I will.....

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Birthday Fun

I really enjoyed my birthday this year. Kyle was so sweet and bought me a new bicycle, t-shirt from Owens (i am wearing in the photo's below) Took me out to eat at the Longhorn Steakhouse in Crowell. We had great friends join us,and I LOVED the bread pudding. Saturday Kyle took me clothes shopping in Wichita Falls and we visited with my sister, & my parents. I am so blessed to have such sweet friends and a adorable husband, he went all out this year. SSHHHH..... I have a top secret surprise for him later this week. I will post about that later. Thanks for all the birthday wishes, cards,and presents. I am a lucky girl
Kyle & I at the Steakhouse. Looking very happy now that our tummies are full...
Jackie & Levi, She got me a cute necklace and earrings to match. I love it. Thanks Jackie.

The whole group.

Jackie & Levi Woods

Shade & Sharla Miller

& us. We had a lot of fun.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Man update

My child(man) Gerry saw the orthopedic surgeon today and surgery. We are so blessed. He does have to wear a sling for a while, about 4-5 weeks. Pray for me as that will be his challenge. Just an update. Thanks for asking.

Way Before

Kyle and I have done before pictures of our weight loss, but I can't post those. It's way to scary, but I highly recommend you do it. To see your body change is huge. It makes you feel like you are doing something and not just watching the scale. Measure yourself too. I lost lots of inches but not weight some weeks.I have below a picture of Kyle & I at Christmas 2 years ago. I was looking back through my pic. files. I about died. We might have been at our heaviest here, although you can't see Kyle very well. Just look at my gut pooching out OMG!!!!! I am proudly posting this because this is not my gut today. I will post an after picture as soon as I get where I want to be. Still loving I am kissing my flab away forever!

PS: I love you Kyle and I know your a closet reader of my blog. It's ok to comment from time to time. Your the sweetest ever!!!!!

Monday, March 16, 2009

I made it, but not alone

I thought I was doing GREAT for running 5 minutes on the treadmill??? It is but today my heroes pushed me on...............Thanks to Amy, Krista, and Jackie I ran 1 mile without stopping, WOW...and finished 2 miles with only a few walks,and every step Jackie saying come on run. She is my motivator, I never dreamed I could do this. Well I did pray for God to let me make it through without dying. I guess He did.I am so glad the girls let me horn in on their running.....I think I can do this, but not alone you girls are my inspiration. Love ya.

still there

It's still hanging on, those last 2 stinkin pounds. I have 2 pounds to loose and I am shaking things up today. Jaks and I are going running with Amy H. & her sister. I hope I can sweat these pounds off. I just want to reach my goal weight this month. It has been 7 months since I started this project and I am ready to achieve it, and more on to something else. I wish you all a happy spring break, I'll be working,vacation will come soon.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Updating & Random

This is Gerry face 2 days later, after his horse accident. He feels fine no pain thank goodness, but we do have a broke elbow and will see the Orthopedic DR. on Tuesday again to decide whether or not to have surgery. Please pray for him and that the break isn't bad enough to do that. He is not happy about that idea. This is my kid that never gets sick. He didn't like this photo and he was not being still.

This is very random. Matthew was digging in the front closet and found Gerry's old play costume from 1st or second grade. He looks so silly in it . It is a space mouse outfit and the only reason we still have it is because my grandma made it. Doesn't he look goofy. He is my silly child.

Finally getting the track pictures off my camera 2 weeks later. Matthew loves it. He did the 110 hurdles and the 300 .... Did good in both. Not bad for his first year. PS- He made the A honor roll again......Good Job Matt......all that homeschooling must have help something?????

I will update you all on Gerry ASAP.
Did anyone checkout my new linky on the top right?It is a wonderful community of blogger's so check out "Secret is in the sauce " or SITS as they call it.............I have found tons of new blogger friends.I have also had more fun playing with picnic photo shop, although I need to start taking photo's. This one is just my favorite. I'll try and get that camera out.Have a great Monday!!!!!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

ortho's & bones

Well we had a great orthodontist visit for Matthew today , he gets braces in a few weeks. We took grandma with us and she had a blast wheeling around in Academy on her new cool walker, but then the call came.We had to rush home because the other son Gerry decided to fall off of a horse. After a few hours in the ER and a CAT Scan, 3 elbow x-rays , he has a brain that was not damaged but the elbow wasn't so lucky. Now on to the orthopedic surgeon...........I just love horses.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Well here I go again, always something. I am looking for some advice. It's summer so now I have to care what my legs look like right? Yes I do! I have been using these expensive razors, you know the kind that you replace the blades. They work great except around my knees. I go over them and over them,straighten the leg go over it, bend it back go over it, trying not to fall in my shower. Then you think you got all those little hairs off your knee, then it happens..........You are out in PUBLIC , in the sunshine you look down and your knee looks like a porcupine on the attack!!!!! What's a girl to do? Break out the Nair? What do some of you use? I hate waxing, that just pulls my skin off and I scream and then people come to see why and well you know they get an eye full and it done more harm than good. Why does hair have to grow??? Lord help me. Can't wait to hear from you, I am sure I can fine something in the next few days to think about like, clients, board meetings, the list goes on and on. So tell me about the products you guys use.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Winner, Winner

Ok I did the random number generator and it selected "wife's" comment as the winner. So you know who you are. I'll be delivering the book to you today.Thanks for playing along. I will be doing more giveaways soon so be looking for them.

Yes I did

I decided to randomly write a "yes I did" post. This is all true. I normally have Friday's off. This Friday I actually got to take it. I took full advantage. I wrote in my last post that I would stay in my pj's til noon. Well I did til 2pm, Yes I did! I cleaned house in them,and cleaned out my closet of clothes I CAN NOT wear anymore. YES I DID. I have nothing to wear now.......So for my Birthday in a few weeks I asked my hubby for a new wardrobe. YES I DID. He said yes by the way, I can't run around town naked. I also cleaned the 3 foot deep fish pond in the front yard with everyone driving by. Yes I did-in my pj's. After that I vacuumed the car, all in my pj's. Then I worked up a hunger.Yes I did go right to the bakery, the line was so long in the drive thru but I had to wait it out because, that's right I was in my pj's. Yes I did do all these things so if you see me flying down the road on a Friday chances are I am using a drive-thru and I am in my pj's. Hello Monday...............time for real clothes again.

If any one is a size 8 or 10 I have tons of clothes & (scrubs from my hospital days) to get rid of. I am going to put them in a garage sale soon, there are somethings I am ashamed to say I have never worn so if anyone is interested give me a ring.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Well thanks

I have to say thanks to you all, and I have to say when you post about real people and my real life people started the comments. I am so glad I gave all of you a good laugh.I have had more people comment about my last post to me in person than ever. I really didn't know these people read my blog. Some even commented to my hubby Kyle so he decided tonight to actually read what I wrote. He was almost speechless. Why would I write about such personal stuff, I said "Honey, apparently you have never read a blog before and now I know you have never read mine". Then that was the end of that. I am off tomorrow until the track meet. If I didn't have to take Matt to school I would stay in bed til noon........I will stay in my PJ's til then......Happy Friday.

Don't forget to enter the giveaway........Winner on Monday

Thursday, March 5, 2009

It happened!!!!!!!!!

You all, well most of you know all about my weight loss and time in the gym. I have truly been working hard on this 37 year old body and I am in the best shape of my life. My goal was to loose some weight and tighten up my giggle spots. I had no idea I would start to have defined arms and legs. WOW what a bonus. Nothing comes easy you know, this is where the story gets good. I hate to wear shorts because of all the HAIL DENTS,COTTAGE CHEESE, and CELLULITE that's on the back of my legs. I just don't even look back there anymore. We get home from church and I am getting my clothes on for bed and complaining about my saggy boobs, a small price to pay for weight loss, they make push ups. Anyway as I was semi naked Kyle is in the room and I have my back to him. He yells "YES" !!!!!! I flip around and say "what?"He says these kind words to me , words I have dreamed of hearing. "Hey your Hail Dents are gone, and wow your legs look great". I say "What, where are your glasses"? I jumped to the mirror, I look for a long time . Girls it happened. They are gone , gone , gone. Do you know how long I have carried those things, shaved around them, HUH.........All this time they could have been gone with 6 months of workouts. This is truly a day of happiness, and I hope you all get what I am saying( workout hard) and had a great laugh to go with it. With the Eddins 4, never know what I am going to tell.......til next time.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Today is my last day at Quanah High School. I have been doing Wait Training(abstinence program) with 2 classes the last 4 weeks. We have learned about ourselves, others, how to treat issues and others, respect,making good choices, STD's, consequences of sex, birth controls, and fetal development. Needless to say it has been a long 4 weeks. Now I just have to cook supper (which I am happy to do)for church, live through aerobics,(not so happy to do) get to the church on time ,(smelling stinky-no time to shower) and get the meal set up. Just a day in my wonderful live, which is a great life.Happy Hump day to me!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


I am so blessed by this book and not done with mine yet, but I bought another one to GIVEAWAY. I think I am going to save mine for my 2 sweet sons when they may need it down the road. All you have to do is leave a comment and let me know why you want to do the Love Dare Challenge. That's it. I will randomly pick a number on Monday. Enter as many times as you want, and I will ship it anywhere. Good luck and Happy Marriage........

Monday, March 2, 2009

It's Monday

It's Monday ALL day long. I am going to choose to enjoy this day and be glad in it. I will choose to eat right today, to enjoy my workout that comes at 4:30, & to even live through it. I had a very lazy day Sunday, I didn't feel great so we laid around all day so my get up and go has got up and went you might say. However, I am choosing to get with it today. How many of you will choose to have a great Monday, don't leave me in it alone.