Monday, March 30, 2009

Catching my breath

I went to our annual ladies retreat with my church. Even with all the wind, ice and doubts we made it. God always knows who needs to be there. It worked out that 18 wonderful women came and we had a blast. We shared, worshiped, ate great food, prayed , had wonderful peace. I encourage anyone to take a ladies retreat you just will not leave the same as you came. God always takes us to the mountains to fill our spirit, then down to the lush valley below to learn and to grow. Jesus said laid down your life pick up the cross and go with me. He never said it would be easy did He. NO........As I got home I was so hubby jump out of the house ,ran to the car, opened the door for a kiss. He was so sweet, he had done the laundry, made the bed, washed the dishes, waited on me hand and foot........I am a blessed woman. God has made this man into a wonderful husband, father and spiritual leader for our family. I am so blessed. Our weekend ended with a sick child with fever, cough and lots of boogers. He is better thank goodness. I left my camera at home so no retreat pics. sorry. Oh did I mention hubby let me take a 3 hr nap on Sunday. Babe your the best..I Love You..........Rejoice in this day, because the Lord made it.

Please keep in your prayers the employees of Georgia Pacific the plant my husband works for. They had another 16 people loose their jobs Friday and I think a few more is coming. God will provide I know, Kyle is grateful to still have a job right now......please pray.