Monday, March 9, 2009

Yes I did

I decided to randomly write a "yes I did" post. This is all true. I normally have Friday's off. This Friday I actually got to take it. I took full advantage. I wrote in my last post that I would stay in my pj's til noon. Well I did til 2pm, Yes I did! I cleaned house in them,and cleaned out my closet of clothes I CAN NOT wear anymore. YES I DID. I have nothing to wear now.......So for my Birthday in a few weeks I asked my hubby for a new wardrobe. YES I DID. He said yes by the way, I can't run around town naked. I also cleaned the 3 foot deep fish pond in the front yard with everyone driving by. Yes I did-in my pj's. After that I vacuumed the car, all in my pj's. Then I worked up a hunger.Yes I did go right to the bakery, the line was so long in the drive thru but I had to wait it out because, that's right I was in my pj's. Yes I did do all these things so if you see me flying down the road on a Friday chances are I am using a drive-thru and I am in my pj's. Hello Monday...............time for real clothes again.

If any one is a size 8 or 10 I have tons of clothes & (scrubs from my hospital days) to get rid of. I am going to put them in a garage sale soon, there are somethings I am ashamed to say I have never worn so if anyone is interested give me a ring.