Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Well here I go again, always something. I am looking for some advice. It's summer so now I have to care what my legs look like right? Yes I do! I have been using these expensive razors, you know the kind that you replace the blades. They work great except around my knees. I go over them and over them,straighten the leg go over it, bend it back go over it, trying not to fall in my shower. Then you think you got all those little hairs off your knee, then it happens..........You are out in PUBLIC , in the sunshine you look down and your knee looks like a porcupine on the attack!!!!! What's a girl to do? Break out the Nair? What do some of you use? I hate waxing, that just pulls my skin off and I scream and then people come to see why and well you know they get an eye full and it done more harm than good. Why does hair have to grow??? Lord help me. Can't wait to hear from you, I am sure I can fine something in the next few days to think about like, clients, board meetings, the list goes on and on. So tell me about the products you guys use.


West Texas Wife said...

Hey thanks I got the book..... I am so ready to start tonight but I want to watch the movie.
I have the solution for your legs... I got my waxed for 40$ at the nail place here in town. It is awesome! She only does it up to the knee. Then I shave the knee. I just go over mine several times and it seems to help. The wax last about 2 months.

a cowgirl at heart said...

I have no advice for the leg hairs. IN fact, when I saw the title of your post, I thought you were going to tell me you've had porcupines in your yard, which happened to us (yes in the middle of town) last year and that sucker was HUGE!!!!! Thank goodness he couldn't get in the back yard to the dogs, although they were watering at the mouth to get a piece of him...smart pups I have, huh? Anyway, I Jackie and I got to the gym today at the same time, and I asked if you would be there today and she said you would not. So, I'm going to give her your movie and she's going to get it to you!

hayley said...

okay, well this usually works with me...
i use the kinda expensive razors, and then use skintimate instead of soap or anything, and that usually gets most of it!
and it leaves your legs looking and feeling really soft, and it also smells good!
yeah, it is kind of expensive, but it is totally worth it!

when i saw 'porcupines' i thought you had some in your yard or something! :)

Anonymous said...