Saturday, March 14, 2009

Updating & Random

This is Gerry face 2 days later, after his horse accident. He feels fine no pain thank goodness, but we do have a broke elbow and will see the Orthopedic DR. on Tuesday again to decide whether or not to have surgery. Please pray for him and that the break isn't bad enough to do that. He is not happy about that idea. This is my kid that never gets sick. He didn't like this photo and he was not being still.

This is very random. Matthew was digging in the front closet and found Gerry's old play costume from 1st or second grade. He looks so silly in it . It is a space mouse outfit and the only reason we still have it is because my grandma made it. Doesn't he look goofy. He is my silly child.

Finally getting the track pictures off my camera 2 weeks later. Matthew loves it. He did the 110 hurdles and the 300 .... Did good in both. Not bad for his first year. PS- He made the A honor roll again......Good Job Matt......all that homeschooling must have help something?????

I will update you all on Gerry ASAP.
Did anyone checkout my new linky on the top right?It is a wonderful community of blogger's so check out "Secret is in the sauce " or SITS as they call it.............I have found tons of new blogger friends.I have also had more fun playing with picnic photo shop, although I need to start taking photo's. This one is just my favorite. I'll try and get that camera out.Have a great Monday!!!!!


carma said...

Wanted to stop by and say "hi" and welcome you to SITS. We're glad your on board :-)

Jackie said...

I laughed forever @ that pic of Matthew in the space outfit!! I can't wait to see him and give him a hard time!!! I'm still laughing- see ya tomorrow!! :)

Saucy Scribe Debora said...

Love the photos - hope your son is okay, that's some shiner! :) (Stopping by from SITs!)

hayley said...

oh, i will definitely have to give matthew a hard time about the space mouse outift!!

Anonymous said...