Monday, May 31, 2010

Driving Miss Daisy

Saturday was Matthew's 15th birthday....WOOHOO!!!!! But with the  holiday today he can't go test and get his driving permit til Tuesday.

At which time I pray he passes so I can  become Miss Daisy. I will NO  longer have to drive anywhere. I will have a chauffeur. I will love it for the first week I am sure.I will TRY not to be a front seat passenger driver.

So if you see US coming slow down and pull to the side where it will be safer til we pass.

Have a great Memorial Day!!!!!!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Giving Hearts

I was so surprised and thankful. Today I had 7 fifth grade girls who made 2 baby blankets for the Pregnancy Outreach Center. They wanted to make sure they went to a baby who really needed it, and of course it will.
I took a picture of these sweet giving souls and it will be put in the paper but didn't want to post it here.

Just know that there are sweet selfless,giving kids in our community of ALL ages. We can ALL do something to help others in need.They are truley leaders and examples for us all to follow no matter how old we are. God Bless each one of these sweet girls. The Pregnancy Outreach Center is thankful for you!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Pocket full of money

 We have this thing we call the God Pocket. It holds an unknown amount of money.
We try to help others in their time of need. Food, clothes,etc.......
We NEVER use it on ourselves NEVER because it is God's money.
Not even if we forgot the checkbook at home and we are in the line at the grocery store do we ever touch the God pocket money.

From time to time we have people who know we use certain money for families in need, and will give.
We add that to the God pocket money, we add to the pocket too.
The pocket is NEVER empty, praise GOD!

Feels so good to know, God helps His people.

Get you a God pocket, you'll NEVER regret it!

PS. God always tells us when and who and how to use the God pocket.....there is no questions.

My Girl

I don't have much to report here........
Just having a great day, and this little critter
make me smile! She can give hugs too!

Yes she's a begger too!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

When God speaks do you hear??? Sometimes I don't, so He has to use weird ways to get my attention.

Like this truck, B
God said Being Above Yourself. (BAY)   What? So I took out my camera so you could see how God speaks to me at times.

That means being so far in to God your not down here in yourself, being in the flesh. Being above yourself...
I know it's weird But what can I say....

Right after that I saw this! So true. What are you waiting for, go out and get started. Spread the Word!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Ungrateful Nation

We are such a wasteful nation of people. As I fasted 2 weeks ago so the Honduras Dump people could get feed for a day, I thought wow, I am so blessed. I NEVER have to worry about my next meal . I worry about if I am in the the mood for it ......if not I pick something else.

Last night at church we had a meal as we do every Wednesday night. I went to the trash to put my plate in and saw at least 50 Cheetos's some kid didn't eat. I was so sad. I thought what would a kid in Honduras give to have 1 cheeto??? They dig through the trash everyday that the trash truck comes like trying to find gold. Only it is a few bites someone else has thrown away. We are BLESSED.

If you want to know more about the Dump People go to you and type in Honduras Dump. Grab a tissue and open your hearts to give so someone else can eat. If you feel lead to give contact me and I will direct you in the right direction........God is Good and God is able!!!!!

God Bless.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

My new lawn guy

This guy asked us if he could start mowing our lawn for some $$$$$$.............Being the nice guy my hubby is he said ok, thinking this wouldn't last very long......Well he has mowed 3 times with all the rain we have gotten so we have spent alot of $$$$$ on the yard guy.......snuck around and got his picture a few times. I love this lawn guy, he makes me laugh!!!!!!!

Yes, I have a thing for the yard guy..........what were you thinking?????
It's my son Matthew, sshheesshhh

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Senior Party

Happy Graduation Gerry!!!!!
Here is a peek at the event we had for our oldest son Gerry. We honored him with a senior/graduation party. We planned on the backyard cookout but soon saw the weather may not hold so my SWEET and FAVORITE sister in law was so gracious to offer her home for the 33 people that made it. Enjoy the pics.

My two sweet friends Anna and Heather
Gerry's Famous Pose
Took forever to get a side shoot, but I did.
The family eating- grandma
Gerry's boss and his daughter Milly
The men looking around in the kitchen to see what's left.LOL

The Woods, and sweet Montana
Jackie and 2 out of 3 girls, Autumn and Montana
Jackie and Montana
The only shoot the youngest son would give me, so I posted anyway.
One of the SWEETEST girls I know. Kaitlyn
Kaitlyn's parents. Peter and Kim
The only one I managed to get of my FAVORITE sister in law. She's gonna kill me if MY favorite niece shows her CB don't
Finally a shoot of some eyes.....
I begged for this one......I love this boy but I have NO clue as so where he gets his orneriness from?????

My aunt Patty and her mother-my grandmother Melba
My sweet mother in law caught putting her lips back on.....
Blurry but couldn't delete this. Gerry and his Great Grandmother Melba( ma)
The boys outside and sweet Milly, and wait that's my handsome husband too.....

Talking with the boss about work I am sure
I couldn't stop taking pics of Milly....she is so cute.
Milly loving on Sadie
Gerry Likes Milly, Milly LOVES Gerry, she calls him puddin.

And last but not least, the fabulous couple who put on, decorated, cooked and PAID for this fun shin dig....
We look tired, well we are, now time to load it all up and clean up.
Happy Graduation to Gerry Eddins Class of 2010.......
We are proud of you!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Happy 16th baby!

I have an amazing husband.
Today we celebrate 16 yrs. of marriage.
He was the one that kissed me bye this morning
with the first HAPPY ANNIVERSARY,

called me on his break at work to

I have not only got the BEST husband in the WORLD,
but the best, best friend a girl could have.

Thank you baby for 16 wonderful years so far........

Love you bunches!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Growing up

My first born is a SENIOR.....this year went by so fast and now it is almost over.......get the tissue.I always knew this day would come , but I came way to FAST....he is 18 and almost graduated (next week). He will be moving out soon and is already working full time and LOVES that job of his. He has made me CRAZY and happy and tearful and so thankful over the last 18 years.......can't wait for the next 18....I love you sweet boy ( MAN)......
Not sure what he is doing here, his brother took this photo,
Senior party at the church, I have to stay back and zone in to get pictures of the sweet boy, he hates the camera
OMGOSH he smiles and I caught it on camera. This is a huge thing for me.
and again.....
This one I called his name so he wasn't happy with me
Announcing the church seniors as we waited to eat

Thank you North Groesbeck for making the day special by presenting them all with Bibles with their name imprinted on the front. Something they can use for a life time.