Thursday, May 27, 2010

Giving Hearts

I was so surprised and thankful. Today I had 7 fifth grade girls who made 2 baby blankets for the Pregnancy Outreach Center. They wanted to make sure they went to a baby who really needed it, and of course it will.
I took a picture of these sweet giving souls and it will be put in the paper but didn't want to post it here.

Just know that there are sweet selfless,giving kids in our community of ALL ages. We can ALL do something to help others in need.They are truley leaders and examples for us all to follow no matter how old we are. God Bless each one of these sweet girls. The Pregnancy Outreach Center is thankful for you!


bell said...

I always believe in pure heart in every human being. And I belief you are one of them.

Tammy said...

Caring at a young sweet!

We have women for a church who make baby blankets for our center. We send the first name of the young mother to the church so they can pray for her(mother)during her pregnancy.

Anonymous said...