Monday, May 3, 2010

Growing up

My first born is a SENIOR.....this year went by so fast and now it is almost over.......get the tissue.I always knew this day would come , but I came way to FAST....he is 18 and almost graduated (next week). He will be moving out soon and is already working full time and LOVES that job of his. He has made me CRAZY and happy and tearful and so thankful over the last 18 years.......can't wait for the next 18....I love you sweet boy ( MAN)......
Not sure what he is doing here, his brother took this photo,
Senior party at the church, I have to stay back and zone in to get pictures of the sweet boy, he hates the camera
OMGOSH he smiles and I caught it on camera. This is a huge thing for me.
and again.....
This one I called his name so he wasn't happy with me
Announcing the church seniors as we waited to eat

Thank you North Groesbeck for making the day special by presenting them all with Bibles with their name imprinted on the front. Something they can use for a life time.


Heather said...

I can't believe he is grown! He looked like he was having so much fun at the party yesterday. How are you feeling today?

West Texas Wife said...

Congrats now what are we going to to about Matthew?

Warren Baldwin said...

Very nice tribute to your son. Our youngest is a junior in high school, so we have been where you are and know the feeling. There really aren't words, are there? But you did as good a job as anybody can (and the pictures are a great bonus).

Our church gives Bibles out, too. I just picked up 4 in Amarillo today. Also, may get my book in 2 Amarillo bookstores, too! Keeping my fingers crossed (and praying).


Anonymous said...