Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Pocket full of money

 We have this thing we call the God Pocket. It holds an unknown amount of money.
We try to help others in their time of need. Food, clothes,etc.......
We NEVER use it on ourselves NEVER because it is God's money.
Not even if we forgot the checkbook at home and we are in the line at the grocery store do we ever touch the God pocket money.

From time to time we have people who know we use certain money for families in need, and will give.
We add that to the God pocket money, we add to the pocket too.
The pocket is NEVER empty, praise GOD!

Feels so good to know, God helps His people.

Get you a God pocket, you'll NEVER regret it!

PS. God always tells us when and who and how to use the God pocket.....there is no questions.