Thursday, May 20, 2010

Ungrateful Nation

We are such a wasteful nation of people. As I fasted 2 weeks ago so the Honduras Dump people could get feed for a day, I thought wow, I am so blessed. I NEVER have to worry about my next meal . I worry about if I am in the the mood for it ......if not I pick something else.

Last night at church we had a meal as we do every Wednesday night. I went to the trash to put my plate in and saw at least 50 Cheetos's some kid didn't eat. I was so sad. I thought what would a kid in Honduras give to have 1 cheeto??? They dig through the trash everyday that the trash truck comes like trying to find gold. Only it is a few bites someone else has thrown away. We are BLESSED.

If you want to know more about the Dump People go to you and type in Honduras Dump. Grab a tissue and open your hearts to give so someone else can eat. If you feel lead to give contact me and I will direct you in the right direction........God is Good and God is able!!!!!

God Bless.