Monday, March 2, 2009

It's Monday

It's Monday ALL day long. I am going to choose to enjoy this day and be glad in it. I will choose to eat right today, to enjoy my workout that comes at 4:30, & to even live through it. I had a very lazy day Sunday, I didn't feel great so we laid around all day so my get up and go has got up and went you might say. However, I am choosing to get with it today. How many of you will choose to have a great Monday, don't leave me in it alone.


a cowgirl at heart said...

When are we going to see each other? I am burdened that I still have your movie running around with me! I will be at the gym this afternoon, so maybe we can hook up then! I can't wait to get the Love DARE! Woo hoo!

Amy said...

I definately didn't have much get up and go yesterday! I started out grumpy and angry for no apparent reason! Then Jason took Kenna Mae and I to lunch, and almost got killed by a man that ran a stop sign, so I got HAPPY in the same pants I got grumpy in!! nothing like a close call with death to lift your spirits!!:)

Good to see you at the gym yesterday!

P.S. I bought the Love Dare!!

Belinda said...

OMG!!!! Amy you will love the Love Dare. We are on day 20 and our marriage has done a 360 turn and I thought we were pretty good. I am so excited for you.

Anonymous said...