Friday, September 4, 2009

Book Review updated

I just want to thank all of you who comment on my last post. I also want to clarify something. I am not against church, or going to church because I do go to a church. The book really focuses on Jesus and your journey with Him and how others see HIM through you, and sometimes the church , the organization of a church can get in the way of that. We get to organized of how things should go such as worship time, speaker time and we need to be out by noon for lunch we may miss some important things like why we are there in the first place. These are just my thoughts, but once again I am all about church,but just want to be all about Jesus instead.


Daveda said...

I never thought for a second that you were putting down case you were wondering :). I have come to believe that this journey is all about relationship, with Jesus and with others. Many times our organized programs do not help that, but actually can hinder it. Many times we are sending the message (without realizing it) that some are just not good enough. Like the part of the book where they talk about the star chart and Sunday School (remember?).

I don't think this book bashes church (as I know some do) only shows us that maybe organized religion. programs etc. can and are, at times, sending the wrong message. And, that maybe there is something greater, more meaningful to be revealed.

Enjoying blogging with you about this :) Have a great day!

Charla (SHar-la) said...

I never thought you didn't want to go to church, either. If you've ever felt like you go to church because it is what you are supposed to do on Sunday mornings, then reading this book is for you! Yes, we are instructed to worship God and set aside one day of the week for Sabbath and worship, but many times, as Belinda said, we get so wrapped up in that one day and making sure we look perfect, and giving the preacher the evil eye when we're not out by noon (or 11:30 in our, that we forget we should be worshipping every day and that it truly doesn't matter where it is.

I've said this so many times, but I think we try to make Christianity much more complicated than it is, don't you? People get worked up about the details, and miss the bigger picture of Jesus.

I loved this post and I agree with Kelly also when she says that each person has their own ways of worshipping and that's okay. I love my church, too, and I love where it is going, but it doesn't mean I agree with the WAY I am churched. If I had the choice to attend a home church, I would definitely try it out.

Plus, the minute we start being complacent in our thinking is the minute we stop growing and our mind begins to close.

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