Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Having a Jonah week

I have had one heck of a week..............................................................................that was just me taking a breath. Confession time: Yesterday I said something very ugly and disrespectful to someone dear to me. I felt fully justified in what I said and how I said it at the time. I stormed off and headed to the gym. I started my workout and felt this HUGE heavy sinking feeling in my chest. I felt like God was standing in front of me with hands on His hips. Looking so disappointed in me.

I was in the dog house big time. I almost hit my knees, instead I just shut my eyes with tears flowing and say "Lord I am sorry for what I said please forgive me." I know that He did but He also let me know that I needed to go and apologize..........I hate doing that................That means I have to suck it up and go and say I was wrong. I did. It all worked out but how often do you listen to God? He commands us to do things, to act joyful and respectfully just as He had a job for Jonah. Did Jonah want to go no, but he did begrudgingly, just as I did. I don't want to have another Jonah week. Not fun when God refines us is it?


Shanda said...

So proud of you for being sensitive and for being willing to humble yourself enough to make things right. God will bless that!

Daveda said...

At times like these, I am glad that the Holy Spirit is there is to remind me that even in the midst of my failures I am the righteousness of Christ!

Admitting when were wrong can be hard. Yet, it is at the same time rewarding, when we realize out great need for Him.

Thanks for sharing this with us. That was probably not so easy either :)

Belinda said...

Thanks girls.No it wasn't easy to blog about either but I feel someone else will benefit from it.

Dawn Jenkins said...

Belinda we all fall short daily..I too said something awful just this last Friday but aren't you glad that we when confess our sins God is just to forgive us and cleanse us. I know you are having a hard time right now, but just remember that you are not alone sister. He is carrying you through...even though the enemy would have you believe otherwise. Remember the authority that Jesus gave you...take it, scream it, shout it and then rest in knowing the victory has been won.
I was reading Psalm 37 the other day and realized that God directs each step...I have been so busy worrying about my next 10 steps that I wasn't just resting in the step he has given me today. I am praying for you sweet sister. I love ya!

Warren Baldwin said...

Just checking in to say I read your guest post on Shanda's site and enjoyed it. WB

Anonymous said...