Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Hunting is coming!!!!

Yes, I like to hunt, no I love to hunt.
The handsome hubby  bought me a bow this time so no more guns.
I love my bow it's little and well cute!
 Enjoy the pics of our hard work last week setting up both deer blinds.

before the tent was added

and after. Yes, that is me in it, blurry and all!
My view from the blind, that is on the side of a cliff.
 Did I mention I don't like heights very well?
 Do you
see that hunk of a man down there, so glad he is all mine
ok back on track now, I was focused on the
 handsome man there sorry.

View from the feeder.

Oh aren't I pretty, sweaty and all

and this would be kyle's blind, it's on the other side of the farm.
and not on the side of a cliff.

and this pretty girl who heard the corn bags
and started to charge me for a sweet treat.I had to get a stick,
but isn't she pretty , pregnant and all?


Farmchick said...

Found my way here...so I thought I would say hi. Enjoyed reading through your posts.

Hope you can stop by for a visit and remember to say hi!

Diana said...

Enjoyed the pics!