Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Sisters & Church

I have the most AMAZING set of sisters, spiritual sisters that is.
I am blessed to be apart of a marvelous church located on
a country road that leads to a cotton field.
North Groesbeck Church was a God send to us almost 7 years ago.

Our children were baptized there,
my husband speaks there(all the men do, we have no set preacher)
My husband leads song service there some
I have lead the youth group a few times.
Where we just finished  a marriage enrichment study
for 12 weeks.........Never done that one before WOW
It's a great church.

What's even better is my church sisters, oh how I can't do without them girls.
I love them all but I have a few close to my heart ones as well
You know the kind that speak the truth in  love,
listen when your down, then lift you up.
Find the scripture when I can't
give advice when I need it
PRAYS for me constantly

It's something sometimes I can't even describe.
Its just a God gift.
And those gifts are really great blessing from above.

I have seen amazing things happen in that little white building in the country.
You truly feel the presence of God and the family that congregastion is to everyone who enters it's doors.
Have a blessed Tuesday!

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Belle said...

You are blessed to have such a wonderful church.