Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas present

Call me strange,but I absolutely love hunting. We got to go Christmas eve and day. The best part is I hunt with my hubby and boys.
We have had a blast this week hunting, hog trapping and hanging out. If you have boys you must find a way to enjoy the things they do. Below is my first official buck, he's small but we all have to start somewhere and well we are all about the meat people not just the horns.

Hope you had a great Christmas, as for us; we are headed back to the farm to hunt. Today I get to take one of my dear friends who has NEVER been hunting. I am so excited. Thank you God for helping some one invent the sleeping bag and hand warmers. AMEN!

Second deer I have gotten with my bow and arrow, no guns for me.
At church I am called the deer slayer.....not sure I like that one?

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Warren Baldwin said...

Congratulations!!!!! With a bow! You are a real hunter. And I think "deer slayer" is a compliment to you!

I got two doe this year. Hope to hunt with at least one of my daughters for 3 days in January (the one that just graduated. Pics on blog today). Jenny killed her first deer two years ago.

Glad you guys had a great Christmas.