Monday, January 3, 2011

In all Through all.

As I read many other blogs about what they plan to change this year, I ponder.......
Alot of you say, I am going to put God first from now on.....We have been taught this. I have taught this to my clients.

But really if you think about it. If you put God first then He is done for the day and you can check Him off our list. RIGHT?

God should be, IN ALL,
 everything we do.

Ok Belinda how do I do that????? Meditate on God's Word all day, pick one verse and really think about it. Remember God see everything your doing,even those ugly thoughts you just had. To me it is a mind thing. You have to choose to be with God every moment of the day.He's always there He never leaves. A matter of fact He holds on to you when you just want to be let go! He is God.

Your not promised to have a blessed non-problem life. You are promised that you can walk in freedom . So I encourage you to get on the right road,it's a road not traveled much you may not see many on it , but it is the coolest road you'll ever find.

I pray that whoever reads this dear Lord, that you give them a hunger for your Word like never before. Now go open that Bible.

Have a blessed week, remember you can't have my walk with God you gotta make your own. That's all He has ever wanted.....a personal relationship with YOU!!!!!!

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Belle said...

I wanted to start praying more during the day, but kept forgetting. I asked God to remind me and he does for which I am thankful.