Wednesday, January 26, 2011

9 long days

It's been a long 9 days for my family.
Two weeks ago I made the decision to
put Granny in the nursing home.

This was the hardest thing I have ever had to do in my life!
She needed to go and she needed the extra care.
I was called everyday for 5 days,she needed me.

Broke my heart, some days she just doesn't even know where she was
but she knews I could figure it out for her.I TRY!

Somewhere in this 9 days my son cut his hand and we were in the clinic
getting stitches when the home called, granny's blood sugar was so high they couldn't read the meter
so over 500....normal is 120
crisis # 57890572835982734
Saturday, they called I was attending my dear friends babies funeral.
She lost her child 7 months in the womb, and had to deliver.
Lots of emotion this day. Sweetest service ever.

Hauled granny to the ER
She had pneumonia...stayed 4 days in the hospital
lots of family came, pulled 12 hr. shifts with her
We thought this was it, she was going to see the Lord.
She pulled her IV's out and everything else
because you see she thought they were out to get
her and stealing her clothes, and I was protecting them.

She got to go back to the home yesterday and I left that girl playing BINGO
I went home made all the calls on updates
then was in bed by 7:30
sweet husband insisted I rest, Love that man
He has been by my side or taking care of things
for 9 days.......

Somethings you just gotta laugh through.

Don't mistake this post as complaining, God is at work I know for sure.
Just sharing the whirlwind of the last
9 days and I left out half of it.......
So thankful my boys have stepped to the plate and helped out
me and around the house.They know when mom's about to blow!


Belle said...

It lifted my heart to read your last sentences. You are an example of faith to me.

Charla (SHar-la) said...

Oh my goodness! Love you, sweet friend. I'm home now for good (no more working), so call me any time and maybe we can have lunch sometime! My heart is heavy for your friend who lost her baby.

Heather said...

You have certainly had a lot on your plate for the past couple of weeks! I love you, my sweet friend, and am proud of you. Let me know if we can ever do anything to help!