Monday, January 31, 2011

Life is Good

You know life is always good when you let God control it.Seems He let me learn this lesson the hard way.
I have had a rough two weeks, but can look back now and see God's hand in all of it.What a blessing to see that. We don't always get to see it. Makes we wonder how people who don't know the Lord make it through life?

My prayer each and everyday is to ask God to use me as His tool, and He never disappoints....may not be what I thought but you know, this thing we call life isn't about us at's how we praise & glorify Him!

As I strive to stay in God's presence every moment I pray you do too. Happy Monday!

On a side note, I can't wait til Feb. 11th The hubby and I are going on a couples get away with some friends, ok alot of friends.....8 couples. Should be F.U.N. Just to get away with my sweet Kyle will be enough.


Belle said...

I often wonder how people make it through life without God. It must be hard. It is good you are getting away; it always makes a person feel better.

Warren Baldwin said...

Glad you made it through the tough time. Like Belle said, how do people make it who don't have God?

Enjoy the get-away. Cheryl and I just had a brief one, but even that was very good.