Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Poem from the husband

For My Great & Beautiful Wife

My darling,my sweetheart, you are, so divine
I am grateful to our God that He made you mine
You are my best friend, & I love you dearly
Your beauty is on the outside & on the inside clearly

As the arrow of love pierces my heart
I want you to know, I have loved you from the start
The presence of God is in your deep
The bright glow about you darkness won't cheat

The words from your lips are spoken from the Lord
Are like none other many have ever heard
You speak truth in love to all you greet
In christian honor you hold a special seat

Your love & understanding is unconditional to see
I am eternally blessed to have you with me
I want you to know this I pray
You are the best gift God has given me
This November day

by Kyle Eddins 11/10

I found this on the kitchen table one morning, had to post it.
I so love this man!


Warren Baldwin said...

Kyle, man, you're either setting a great example for us guys or else making us look bad! But really, what a great poem.If all husbands would express these thoughts to their wives we'd see marriages transformed.

Belinda, I missed a BIG buck yesterday. I still have a hard time judging distance in the flatland after hunting for years in woods and moutainous areas. Guessed him to be at only 200 yards, but was 400. Went right under him. Usually, I only shoot at 100 yards, that's my preference.

MamaBotos said...

Very sweet!!!!

Heather said...

He is so sweet and thoughtful!