Thursday, December 16, 2010

Full Heart

You know when you think things are bad, you know the BAD nothing going right BAD. Then a friend or family member calls and your the sounding board, which your glad to be,but you realize in that moment, life isn't that bad.

I try and remember that when life is storming around me,I have forgotten to look up. You see only God keeps you going, worries look around,sorry looks back, and FAITH looks up.If your looking up you never see the storm.

We must believe.Belief creates faith. Faith my friend is powerful. To let go and know your not in control, only God is. Nothing happens without Him knowing it, NOTHING. The grains of sand doesn't move unless He tells them too. He knows every hair on my head, as well as the ones on the floor.

He is so big I can't even wrap my mind around it. I just know when I am stressed it is putting a question mark where God has put a period.(quote from a church speaker on a Sunday many years ago). If we believe He is in control and loves us enough to care for us, why oh why don't we let Him?

This has been a long hard lesson for me to conceive, much less learn. But as each day comes and I know He allowed me to take one more breath I must have a purpose.

 show me your way, you perfect will for me.
I want to walk in obedience,stand faithful in your sight.
Teach me your ways and not my own.
Lead me in your righteousness
and not my sinful flesh.

Thank you Father for creating me to serve you and
to a shining light for you that you may be glorified.
I walk in your strength and not my own, without
you nothing is possible. Thank you for this day, I will
rejoice and be glad in it.

In Jesus name, Amen!

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Belle said...

What you said reminds me of Jesus walking on the water during a storm. Peter walked out too and was ok until he looked at the storm instead of Jesus. Then he began to sink.

I find that in my life too. When I look at my problems I feel like I am sinking, but as you said, God is in control of everything. I need to keep my eyes on him.