Sunday, November 8, 2009

Here I am

I have been trying to find myself all week to get this post written, and it's still not what I want to sit and tell you but it will just have to do for now.

I went on my first deer hunt tonight for MYSELF....yes I got a hunting license and the camo and the whole nine yards. It was great, sat with my hubby for 4 hrs. just gazing at each other. Saw 3 doe but the buck never came. Still enjoyed my day with the hubs and so did he.

Going to start the Beth Moore study"Esther" next week can't wait. What else??? So much to tell not enough time. If you read about the Center's fundraiser, we raiser $44,000.00 whooohooo.

We started a new program "Parenting 101" classes to help women, men, & families get a great support going and help then earn things like diapers, formula and car seats for attending. So if you can help with any of those things please let me know,this ministry is growing bigger than I had ever dreamed, what was I thinking limiting God like that? He is HUGE.

The boys are good, Gerry is healing great from his burn, goes back to the Dr. on Wednesday.Matt still has a girl friend, love her, and football is over. Bring on the BASEBALL.

Kyle & I are better than ever. We have decided to stop filling our children with some of the worlds junk and we are turning off the satellite aren't happy but the Lord is.

My life is crazy right now still taking a class and reading books like crazy.....I love my life, thank you Lord. Until next post which is soon to come. Thank you for following me. Leave a comment so I know your really still there.

Have a great Monday.


Warren Baldwin said...

Thanks for visiting Family Fountain. I like that you hunt! I take my 2 daughters hunting. My 21 year old got her first deer two seasons ago. Last year we only had 2 days to hunt and only saw a glimpse of one.

I'm interested in learning more about your parenting 101. Sounds like a good ministry. Could you do a blog about it, explaining it in detail? Thanks.


Tammy said...

So, you deer hunt? My dad would go ever season and love having deer meat in our freezer. Mom would even can some, it tasted like roast beef...not chicken :)

At our center we have a program called Smart Choices for the moms and dads. We also have some male mentors who meet with the guys for a one on one. Its a great program in teaching them about life and the Lord.

Amy said...

I'm still here!! Waiting for the next post!!:)

Charla (SHar-la) said...

Me, too! I'm still here, too! So, are you going to do Esther on your own, or are you joining a group? I am doing it with the group at the Methodist church and let me tell you, you are going to LOVE it!

4 weeks and we will see the lady LIVE! WOO HOO!!!

Anonymous said...