Saturday, November 14, 2009

Have you heard it, and are you ready?

I was sitting in a deer blind last night. The strangest thing happened. We are kinda down in a draw so the wind isn't to bad, but you can hear the wind coming across the pasture before it gets to you. It is a sound I will never forget. It is a powerful work of God. Made me really stop and reflect on all the things the Lord has done for me.

I sometimes limit God. I sometimes think my problem is to small for God. Not so, I am finding out. Nothing to big ,nothing too small. God has really blessed me this week.

You know when you plant seeds and you wonder if they ever grow because you never see that person again. Or you think hummm did the words I used make an impact? I believe God only lets us see those seeds grow only a few times, and far in between. I think He does this because if we got to see all of the growth of the seeds we help HIM plant we would get the BIG HEAD. The credit is all GODS isn't it? Yes it is.

I got to see some growth Thursday, can't talk much about it due to my work, but it was AWESOME and GLORY BE TO GOD. HE did all the work just used my mouth to get it accomplished.

God never said it would be comfortable to walk with Him or do His work. If you are COMFORTABLE in your walk with GOD you better start praying. He told me last night as I was praying........"Are you ready?" Yes Lord I am ready but ready for what? again He said" Are you ready, I am about to move." Gives me chills right now. I am ready but I might be UNCOMFORTABLE in what He asked me to do....... Are you ready?


Charla (SHar-la) said...


Thanks for your sweet comment on my post, B. I can't wait for December! I wish it was tomorrow!

Lunch next week? I can do any day, really, so you name it. The Bakery? We could call ahead and eat there. Let me know. Love you BUNCHES!!!!!!

Warren Baldwin said...

It is wonderful when we can sense the working of God in our lives. I'm glad you've had that experience, and that you even saw growth.

I know this is way down on the list of what is important in this article, but I am wondering, did you get a deer? (I am a deer hunter, as is one of my daughters).


Daveda said...

Yep! Ready, set, go Lord GO! Haha, He is so amazing, not only does He live His life through us, but He also prepares us and guides each step of the way!

Anonymous said...