Monday, November 9, 2009

My blog buddy Warren asked on a comment yesterday to blog about the Center and the programs we have so here you go Warren.
We had our annual Fundraiser October 24th. and God just blessed the socks off us with $44,000.00 raised.
With this HUGE need of women and families in need of diapers, clothing , formula, and everything else we decided to instead of handing those things out, we would developed a support group. We have and call it "Parenting 101" this class is open to the public free of charge. We meet every Tuesday morning at 10am. We last about an hour and we provide story time for their children.
In this class we discuss that God has a plan for each of us, and He so graciously gave us children to raise under His instructions. The Word of God(BIBLE) is given to each person attending. This class provides a great support system for mothers and families as well as sharing His purpose for them in their lives. For attending class we give each client a voucher to use in our resource room for clothing, diapers, formula and so on. This has in this short period of time been a huge success. Thank you Lord for letting us do your work.
Below you will see pictures of the office, counseling rooms, babies, and the huge resource room that is still not full. As this program grows so will our needs. We ALWAYS except donations, rather it is cash,monthly donation, diapers, or clothing. The need will always be there, and you can help.
God has blessed me with this huge responsibility and I am proud to be apart of the Pregnancy Outreach Center of the Rolling Plains. We serve a 100 mile radius, God is using this Center to minister to His people.

Resource room

Just a few of our many resource pamphlets on

STD's, Abstinence, Adoption and much more.

Our baby models from 10-30 weeks in the womb.

The client meeting room. Hope you enjoyed the small tour and think about helping in the future if you don't already. Have a blessed day.