Monday, November 23, 2009

Things I DO NOT take lightly

I was in a meeting, this was years ago. In this meeting we had prayer warriors. Their main job was to pray over the 4 people daily that were doing the ministry of the Lord. This particular prayer warrior said well I know I am supposed to be praying for someone??? He named only 3 his group, and then said I can't remember the other one. It saddened me because as I got back to work I looked on this persons list to see who he should be praying for. Well guess who he FORGOT??? That's right it was me. I felt so sad, I was forgotten by him but not the Lord.

The point to this story is if you tell someone you are praying for them, do it right then, why not??? If I have the chance and someone says pray for me I do right then. Why wait.

I can tell you if you have emailed, Facebooked, or blogged about a prayer request and I have responded it is not before I STOP and pray for your needs.

I think that is a cry out from people that they need help, praying for someone or over someone is an humble and honoring job. Please do so every chance you get. Love you all.