Monday, November 30, 2009

Catching up

Our Thanksgiving was GREAT!!!! My family reuniting after 20 years was so nice. Even if we only did it for a few days. I am praying it last forever. God did teach me something though, It's HIS way not mine. I really expected huge things, well I did see a miracle or too, but just as things were getting started God said" Just love them, like my Son did" WOW!!!! "Don't preach to them , just love them". So that's what I did. I know God's light showed through me.

We took some family pictures of the whole gang and then some at the farm of just my herd. Along with a few others. You can see those below. I have NOT been successful at deer hunting yet. I plan to pursue that until I am. It is so peaceful and relaxing. no wonder the men do it .

Ladies I am here to tell you, going deer hunting can be some of the best time spent with your hubby. We are just loving it.

The gang

Me and the cousin at grandma's house, we thought we looked so cute.

Not sure what this guys name is he's not ours. He belongs to the hired hand and he loved moving my tripod around about the time we would pose for our pictures, so after giving him some TLC and a neck massage he went on about his way. I love the farm......can you tell?

The family picture at the farm. Gerry just had to raise that hand, silly boy he loves messing my pictures up.

The boys being goofy

This would be my oldest driving his little brother crazy, because we won't get out of this closet or his room, awww brotherly love.Just had to add it.I'll post the other family get together pictures next post,enjoy.


Jackie said...

I LOVE ya'lls family pictures!! Gerry wouldn't be Gerry if he didn't mess a picture up!! lol So glad Thanksgiving went well!! :)

Warren Baldwin said...

Looks like a grand time! glad you got family together. My two grown kids came home, but a bunch of other family that was supposed to come didn't make it.

Sorry deer hunting hasn't been successful yet. I start Wed. Been getting some scopes replaced and switched around, found a scope mount was loose (no wonder I missed with this gun the last 2 years!!), and just getting my blood ready for a trophy mount come Wednesday!

Let me know when you get the big 'un.


Heather said...

I am so glad yall had a wonderful family Thanksgiving! Good luck with the hunting. Loved all the pictures!!

Anonymous said...