Sunday, February 15, 2009

Date Night

Date night was a BLAST. We went to Crowell and at at the Steakhouse. It was packed so thanks you Jaks(my new nickname for Jackie) for making the reservations. We meet another couple there and true to my last post we made 2 more new friends Ty & Lacy.(sorry if I spelled it wrong)They were a hoot and we laughed all night long. I can say Kyle and I never had been more comfortable with people we just meet in our lives. I will get some more pics from Jaks when she blogs. Another plus out of the date was I got kyle OUT of wranglers and into some Cinch jeans after 15 yrs. YEAH. He looked so good. This pic Matthew said something and we both look at him funny when he snapped the picture. I hope everyone enjoyed their Valentines Day. Mondays a coming.YUCK!!!!


Amy said...

Awww! SO CUTE!! I still remember the day I talked Jason out of his wranglers!! It was a glorious day!!:)

Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog. Steph got the sign from Monica Smart. Her blog is on my list. She is awesome and can do anything with words. I have ordered one for Kentlee's room that is going to be o so cute, with pink and green! And, I ordered some wall words for my bedroom and my kitchen! I bet if you leave her a comment you could get one real quick!!

Lunch sounds good. This week is open mostly. Jason is in town Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. That way, I can leave the babes with him!:)

a cowgirl at heart said...

Woo hoo! I'd say there are TWO hotties in that look great! I don't think you need 5 more pounds at all, you look perfect! Glad Crowell was good. Maybe Rich and I can take you and Kyle to Vinson sometime soon! I need to show you my new boots I bought this 'em!

Anonymous said...