Sunday, February 8, 2009

35 Thoughts

In honor of my 35th post, I decided to say 35 nice things.I mean ever word.

1. I love the Lord
2. I love my hubby
3. I love my boys
4. I have some of the greatest friends in the world
5. It is easier to be nice, than mean
6.You can change a negative person with a positive thought. (I have tested this and it works)
7.I have a great job
8. I am very blessed
9.I love that I have been reunited with a childhood friend a few years ago(you know who you are, I can't do Mondays without you)
10.I can say I get along great with my mother in law
11. I have a very giving sister(who I don't get to see enough)
12.My boys always make me smile
13. This is a very random list
14.I love Thursdays( I am off on Friday's)
15. I get to make a real impact on teens
16.I am blessed to listen to young women in crisis and know how to help
17.When God calls I try to stop and listen
18.I never thought I would be talking to schools and kids about SEX, and why they should wait
19.I hope my boys will always say the crazy things that cause me to stop and say WHAT
20.My hubby still makes my tummy flutter(like when we dated)
21. We both love to workout(we push each other to be healthy)
22.I have the honor of attending a great church
23. I have a great church family( I could call any of them for help and they would come running)
24.I love having this time to reflect on such great moments
25.My job has giving me some amazing opportunities
26.Everyday is a learning stepping stone
27. Everyday is a gift from God
28.I strive to not waste a day without telling my family I love them
29. Every baby is a miracle no matter who their parents are
30. God doesn't make mistakes
31.All of my friends are special to me
32.Keep your priority straight, God,family friends, self
33.God never bring you to something ,He won't bring you through
34. Love your family like theres no tomorrow
35. To ALL my friends in blog land and NOT I love you all, I am blessed to have you. I saved this one till last in case you skipped to the bottom. Have a GREAT Monday,and remember you have nothing to complain about.


Liska said...

Ah bless you AND your cotton socks.
I didn't skip to the bottom :-)
I read all and felt the emotion you'd stored in each one. Thanks for a great post sweetie.

We are glad you are around too (don't know why I said "we" as I read your blog alone, but it just sounded right, and felt like I was speaking on behalf of blogland)..... hee hee xxx

Anonymous said...