Sunday, February 1, 2009

Being A Big Baby

I have just had a bad day today,not sure why. You ever just feel like your in a bad mood but you don't know why? It started after I got to church, it seemed everything rubbed me the wrong way. Clarify- I let everything rub me the wrong way. As I sat in my pew and doodled words in my notebook it happened. GOD took over my pen. Honestly I let God write in my notebook , instead of writing I found myself reading,and there it was. Shame. Shameful I was even acting the way I was.
Stop being selfish with a bad attitude, you(Belinda) choose how you act.
WOW. My very next thought was the words to a song. "Humble yourself in the sight of the Lord". Does anyone else have what I call GOD moments. Happens to me quite often and most of the time it is disciplining me. Not very comfortable. No one like being corrected, and not by the All Mighty. Now some of you may think I am out there and I just may be but I am good with it. I love God moments. I need to rely on God more than myself.
Not much else happening around here this weekend. Kyle shamed me into going to the gym which I needed. Sunday is I want a nap day.....never happens. I feel sure I have had no weight lose. Those last few pounds just will not come off.I am afraid if they do come off how fast will they jump back on? Honestly I am down to almost no food. Not really but my tummy thinks so. I can never eat like I want to ever again, or I will be back where I was on all this work was for nothing. I guess I am the one who needs inspired this week girls.I guess I am just being a big baby. So let the comments fly.


Leslie said...

Everyone is entitled to a poopy day once in a while. Mine seem to come at least once a month...can't imagine why?!
I call my God moments "Godstops", hence the name of my blog. I borrowed it from a Beth Moore devotional. It's those little times when God tells me to STOP and pay attention or I'm gonna miss something.
You can borrow it too, if you want.
Cheer up, it's probably just hormones. Have a 100 cal. pack of Oreo Snack Cakes. They taste awesome and it's proven that chocolate really does make you feel better!

Heather said...

I'm so sorry you had a rough day today! I enjoyed seeing you at church, though! Hope things are better tomorrow. Love you!

Bea said...

You guys are sweet.I think your right Leslie I looked at my calendar this morning and I should be I hormone city by Wednesday.

Jackie said...

I wish we would have made it to church~ Montana could have cheered you up!! I will see you today @ 4:15 and we can cheer each other up!! I have those "poop" days quite often and feel like just being a baby! Luv ya girl!

Amy said...

We would have either cheered each other up or wollered in each others misery yesterday!! I had a yuck day too. I sure hope you are feeling better about life today!!:)

Anonymous said...