Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Seeing the Change

Alot of you already know Kyle & I are addicted to the gym. Call us crazy but I'd like to share with you why. September 22nd.2008 we committed to getting healthy losing weight would be the bonus. We just wanted to feel good. Now we both had our days where we would not want to go...I have a million excuses and can name them all here but I will spare you. We started on a program called body for life if your interested I have the book and will loan it out. A 12 week program, we stuck with it for the most part. Here is where it changed for us. Yes it is so hard to get up and go to the gym. If you don't find the time that is easy you won't go, next your going for a few weeks but not seeing many results yet, so why bother, I mean who wants to sweat and feel like their dying anyway right??? I will tell you Kyle & I both saw no physical results until week 9. We both found muscles that just were there over night I am telling you the truth.If you can stick it out and start seeing those results you have been working so hard for you will stick to it.We have a long way to go but we have come so far. I entered the Biggest Loser contest at F3 just for the t-shirt. LOL But it keeps me motivated to not gain back what I have worked so hard to get off. Weight lost does not come easy for me. I haven't been this weight since before my babies 17 yrs ago.....Still have a ways to go. I hope I can inspire you all to get started and keep going, call anytime you need a pep talk.My door is open.