Thursday, January 29, 2009


Our Matthew was inducted into the National Junior Honor Society today.
We are so proud of him. Since returning back to public school this year he has grown leaps and bounds as a person, friend, student and christian. You normally are asked to join in the seventh grade but they felt Matthew had excelled as an 8th grader and would be a addition to the group.We are so proud of you young man.
PS-Dad is grilling your favorite tonight. Grilled shrimp yummy.
Waiting for induction
Saying the pledge

Group Photo

Congrats by His peers and friend Jacob
I am a very proud mama today.
Great Job Matthew you deserve it.


Liska said...

Ah, you are the proud mum. So wonderful, and so lovely. Well done to Matthew.

Amanda KP said...

that's great! congrats to all of you!!!

Jackie said...

Congrats to Matthew!! I know you are so proud of him!!

Right now I am so proud of Montana when she says please, thank you, or excuse me without me telling her to! :)

Heather said...

Congratulations to Matthew! That is a wonderful accomplishment.

Jacob is getting tall! I miss seeing them.

Where'd your picture go? It was cute over on the sidebar!

Fun Family Fitness said...

That is so lucky CISD is to have him back.....good kids come from good must be doing something ready for some phone calls from yours truly.hahah....steph

Amy said...

Congrats, to Matthew. And to Momma and Daddy! You must have had something to do with it!!:)

MamaBotos said...

Way to go Matchew!!! ; ) I am proud of you too! I never was one of those kids but glad someone in our family can carry on Lori's accomplishments...Dumber!!! OH...Kyle & Bea thanks so much for helping me out...saved my life!!!

Anonymous said...