Tuesday, January 6, 2009

A funny evening

Tonight our nephew and his kids came over to cut up a deer. It was so much fun. I am not used to little ones being around anymore and their kids are 2 & 3. So you imagine I have no toys. The dogs are freaking out because they aren't used to little people. So as they came in I said ok don't bother the dogs they are old................Cora (3) says my parents are old too.......I just died out laughing. Don't most 3yr.olds say mommy & daddy .. Nope she says parents. We haven't made the time to spend with them like we should. I plan to change that and make my house more kid friendly. We ate dinner together and I just had to break out my camera and catch a few funny moments. Matthew who is so good about playing with little ones, they copied everything he did and stayed on his heels the whole time. I could hear him in his room saying ok lets sing the ABC's song.......they did....He played the piano for them, watch cartoons , played with cars and the computer and oh yes they even lifted weights. We had a great time, but he was worn out. Enjoy the pictures and maybe their mom won't be mad I posted them. I just couldn't resist. Love your babies Casey................

Jantz stopping for ONE second to pose.

Cora and her dirty face.....We did just finish dinner. See the chicken in her mouth?

Matthew hates the camera, the kids loved it. Look at those poses.

Matt not real thrilled with my picture taken. He knows I will blog with them.
We had fun last night. Family that's what it is all about.